September 24, 2021

It’s that time of year… The Kami’s 2012.

Yup, it’s that time of year when every self-important, smug, arrogant alpha-nerd blogger stands about and nominates their best and worst games of the year. And this year, I am spoiled for choice – in both categories, and that’s as brilliant as it is troubling. Was it really all black and white this year?


Well, for the second year, it’s The Kami Awards! Hasn’t the last year just flown by?

There’s no real prize for the winners (and losers) but that’s not really the point. I’ve been thinking long and hard about changing things a little this year, fine-tuning it all. As a result, I won’t be revealing my winners until the New Year officially kicks into view but perhaps for the moment, a rather considered view of what I am going to be looking at, and how I feel the year has been.

And it has been quite a year! On the upside, there has been nothing as vile and repugnant as last years worst game for me, Daggerdale. But then again, we’ve also seen the likes of Far Cry 3, Zombi-U and The Walking Dead as well on the other end of the scale! And there’s been a hell of a lot of disappointment as well. Nothing vulgar in terms of quality, but still… just inherently stilted enough to really get on your nerves, like Silent Hill: Downpour and Diablo 3. Yeah, it really has been a complicated year.

Anyway, here are the five categories I’ve settled on for this year. I was thinking of a user-voted category but even with the traffic boosted, I’m not sure there’s enough of it to really get a good cross-section. But if anyone would like to suggest nominations to these categories, you have until December 24th 2012 to reply to this topic. Or contact me in another way with your suggestions.

Here are my categories.

It doesn’t mean the best tech, or the most expensive, but tech that has certainly intrigued, beguiled and made us take a good look at what we are doing. Of course, the Wii-U is under consideration as is the Ouya (although that might be thrown out because it isn’t actually released yet!). Certainly I’m considering adding the campaign to stop SOPA and PIPA here as well, and the whole Curiosity thing. Not THAT Curiosity, the robot that landed on Mars. Seriously, I’m not going down that road.

I’m not dropping this one because there’s so much fun involved in this. Would you prefer Reggie lying through his teeth about the state of ports on the Wii-U? The Square-Enix app that was pulled quicker than your average assassination attempt in a game? Microsoft failing to get a German certification for its own Security Essentials package? Or perhaps we’d like to revisit the Lara Croft Abuse Scandal? There have been plenty to get tongues wagging this year. And it’s always nice to see them fail, right?

Then we descend into the belly of the beast proper with the worst 10 games of the year. Again, we’re spoiled for choice here. Who can forget the sneaky release of The Expendibles 2? Or the fall from grace of FROM Software with Steal Battalion: Heavy Armor? Perhaps the abject disappointment of Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock was enough, or the sloppy workmanship of Bloodforge might have been enough to clinch it? And if all else fails, I’m sure Fable: The Journey is on hand to make a glamorous appearance (before falling off the stage drunk).

Never let it be said that I don’t make the distinction, because some games are just disappointing, rather than crap. NeverDead is one such game – so much promise, so little delivery. Diablo 3 deserves at least honourable mentions I know, as does Silent Hill: Downpour – not the worst game of the year, but crushingly dull and disappointing. Likewise the Silent Hill HD Collection can fit in here because it was so terribly done, and Nintendo Land can fit in as a late entry. Any other ideas? Feel free to suggest more!

And we’ll round off the end of the year with the top ten games of the year, ten of the highlights of this year in gaming. Far Cry 3 is clearly in with a shot, as is Zombi-U. The Walking Dead is a shoe-in for a nomination, because it’s frankly brilliant, and so is Resident Evil: Revelations. Vessel and Spelunky fly the flags for me for the Indie scene this year, whilst Journey, Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2 all shine through for me. But I need to think about it carefully. Feel free to argue your nominations. I do like (the illusion of) democracy here… 😛

As I said, do feel free to nominate for any category. If there’s enough interest I might just set up a voting system, but if not… well… I’ll be thinking about it for the rest of the month!

Until next time, take care of yourselves!


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