June 29, 2022

Dark Souls 2? There goes my life…

I don’t usually like watching the Video Game Awards, but something made me tonight. Probably because to have something to blog about. Most of it was predictable, but I could hardly contain my excitement at the trailer and teasing of a full-on sequel for my favourite game of this gen… welcome Dark Souls 2!


FMV’s aren’t the best way to see how a game will end up.

But when you see the new Dark Souls 2 trailer, one thing is certainly more than noticable; the budget is considerably higher than before. The worldwide success and critical acclaim of Dark Souls has resulted in what can only be described as a trailer that is all show and no tell, but it doesn’t matter. This is DARK SOULS. Does anyone care?

So what do we have in the trailer? More violence. It looks like there’s a heavier emphasis on direct narrative (which may make it a little more accessible, which isn’t a bad thing. Dark Souls was vague as heck guys! You had to find the story. A bit more of a straight plot will be nice!), and more emphasis on combat. The dragons are back, and there appears to be new characters. Is this Lordran? Where is this strange new land plagued once more by the Darkbrand? And unusually, how come the main warrior of the piece is a lot more sturdy than ones previously?

I’m hoping to get more details over the weekend. For now, you can find the full trailer on YouTube somewhere (or SpikeTV), and I will be keeping tabs on this one like you would not believe. For I believe Dark Souls is one of the finest games this generation, and to see a sequel – and one with a far more robust budget than it had – does fill me with hope. Sure, it’s another sequel. But it’s a sequel to a fantastic, brilliant game and if it is even half as good as Dark Souls, it will be worth every single penny of the entrance fee.

Don’t make me wait too long, Dark Souls 2. I want you. I need you. In laymans terms…

Shut up and take my money!

My wallet is now sentient and headbutting my monitor. OH GOD MAKE IT STOP!


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