October 24, 2021

Needed a few days…

Hey people! Just a short blog post. It’s winter, and I have a bit of a head-cold that has left me not really able to think all that straight, so I have been slacking. Or rather, sitting in bed playing games. It’s a gaming blog, what else do you expect me to be doing when I’m feeling icky?

Anyway, I am up and about today and hopefully tomorrow I’ll put up “The Best Thing in Gaming 2012”, which was going to be five things but then it became apparent all of them were linked by one common theme, so yeah, that will go up on the site tomorrow. I’m also in my hubris trying to get the last achievement in The Binding of Isaac – completing The Womb without taking damage (and if you’ve played the game, you’ll know exactly how frustrating that is!). Then I’ll just do some reactive articles in the run-up to Christmas, and after that the worst, most disappointing and best games of the year in my view will be unveiled.

That’s the plan for now anyway, and who knows when it will change. On the upside, it seems the gaming press might finally be coming round to my view of Kickstarter. A bit late, but I suppose better than forever blowing smoke up the bottoms of already established developers. In some cases, yes, they can use Kickstarter. But if it looks cynical, and an attempt to just milk us for money, then we should – and thankfully are – voting with our wallets and zipping them shut. That’s a great thing. It seems we’re wising up in the absence of tighter controls, so let’s all give ourselves a little cheer. Congratulations, the world wised up! SHould be very proud of that!

Anyway, until tomorrow, take care. I’m going to make another big comforting mug of Ovaltine…


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