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A Vegetable Garden. Because we need to cultivate good faith. Sorry! Bad pun is bad...

Kami on… Piracy Figures, Lost Sales and ‘Honesty Boxes’.

After a suggestion today that the 3DS might have been hacked, the issue of piracy has reared its ugly head – and especially piracy on the DS, as rampant as it was, and ‘lost sales’ of games. But if only it were so easy to dismiss them as such, because focusing on these numbers may […]

It's 2013! YAAAAAY!

Kami’s 5 Things The Industry Should Do and Avoid In 2013.

Happy new year all, and welcome to… more lists! Well, whilst I start writing for others I thought I’d take a moment to look at the last year and this coming year, and point out trends and ideas that either should be celebrated and copied, or consigned to an early, miserable demise. In the nicest […]

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