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Oh Vaas-y, you came and you told me of insantity and then you just ran away oh Vaas-y...

Do Sequels Kill Creativity?

In a sort of indirect response to David Cage and his recent and quite strong comment that “sequels kill creativity and innovation”, I’m going to take this post today to look at the issue of sequels, creativity and innovation. The end result? Well, I can’t agree, but it may surprise you how much I disagree…

Tomb Raider - The Reboot of the Reboot to justify the Remake!

Are Reboots and Remakes Doomed to Ridicule?

I’ve been thinking. With DmC out next week and Tomb Raider not far off, there’s a lot of sneering at these games not because of the games themselves, but in part because they are reboots of popular franchises. Which has me thinking – do reboots and remakes have an unjustly unfair reputation?

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