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It’s the little things….

… like realising you know how to spell “Outmanoeuvre” without the spell-checker kicking in and telling you you messed up. It’s little things like that which can put a massive smile on your face for the rest of the day. It seems so insignificant… but inside, you’re in the middle of a carnival on the […]

HMV - His Master's Voice...

The Internet and The High Street, Co-existing?

So, HMV are the latest UK High-Street casualty, merely days after Play have resigned to shutting down their own retail operation in the aim of becoming a marketplace like eBay. However, whilst many are arguing that this is the end of the high street, I think it’s worrying to cling onto these old stores at […]

R. Budd Dwyer

Guns, Games and Money.

Time for a deviation from gaming today, although only slightly. With Vice-President Joe Biden set to report to President Obama today, and the NRA seen to be officially endorsing a gun-range iOS game, I want to talk about something – is it really possible to expect America to change its gun attitude so suddenly?

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