June 29, 2022

Urgh, pain.

I know today has had some stuff in the news. And I’d write about it if I didn’t feel like total arse right now. Basic thoughts – $10 million on a study into video game violence (a) won’t scratch the surface and (b) just sets in motion the sensation that any conclusion could end up biased against video games. $10 million would be much better spent on one of the more key components of the Presidential Order – that is, parental education. I’ve mentioned my grandparents enough, but they were wise, and smart, and understood how important proper parenting was after a crummy start in life. There was method in their madness. Perhaps it is time we looked at, I don’t know, getting parents enough time to do some parenting, rather than compensating with money and video games?

Anyway, as usual, my back and right leg are locking up and my movement is currently akin to a penguin left in the deep freeze for an hour. The co-codamol is doing absolutely nothing for it (as expected), nor is the Naproxen, so I suspect this is just one of those days I’m going to have to grin and bear it. Whilst obviously watching TV and playing games, currently I have DmC: Devil May Cry and I have to say, it’s alright actually! For all the terrible responses and fearmongering, it’s alright. It’s got its problems though – seriously, whoever thought platforming was a sensible idea in this game needs to be wedgied so hard he won’t sit down for a week. And some of the jokes and puns are really, unbelievably terrible. It’s like Comedy Central. No wait, that might be a little unfair to DmC…

I also got to thinking that it might help to start sorting out an update schedule for the blog, because it’s abundantly clear doing stuff every single day is just not a sensible option. Perhaps I should go back to twice a week, or maybe three days a week – every other day, so I can cram in some game time. It’s quite strange that as much as I talk about games, I haven’t had the time to blog AND play games in any real depth lately. And that’s kind of a stupid thing for a gaming blog, is it not? I want to write, I love it, but for a gaming blog it needs to co-exist next to games so, you know, I can write about games. I will work on implementing something on this soon.

It will also quite likely involve a new layout. But we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, I probably should get some sleep. I got four hours last night, which might explain the pain, so I best go and get refreshed.

Have fun!


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