July 2, 2022

Oh hello redesign!

So it appears I have redesigned the blog. It’s still going to need some work over the weekend, but at least I have the bare bones of the blog layout up, it just needs a few modifications here and there now to truly be special. And it’s more than new looks.


It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed writing, I have, but let’s be honest – writing a big 2000-3000 article every day or two days is enough to drive even the most avid of writers into a tailspin eventually, you get writers block and there’s sometimes not much news to talk about or you can really add to and yeah it’s not as easy as I had assumed it would be when I started.

That said, when I started I never thought I’d really get any traffic but, oddly, it seems Google has been a very dear friend and I suppose I must say I’m grateful for that. This was meant to be a sort of blog where I would write big wordy posts that I wouldn’t have to take up room elsewhere on the Internet, but it seems the time has come to accept if I’m going to do this, and get traffic through the site, then I am going to have to do this properly.

So hence the redesign. It still needs work but it’s okay for the moment. But more importantly for me is that I am going to schedule my week around what I post and when, just so I can sometimes work on things in advance as well, or if I am having a rough day or two then I can keep stuff in reserve to plug in any gaps. It also means my sort of personal blog and what I’m playing, what I think and how I feel will become a more prominent fixture, rather than hidden from view in a menu. That’s kind of important because this is still supposed, ostensibly, to be a blog. And it will be nice to get back to that, and plan out the week in a more sensible fashion than I have before.

So, here’s the plan;

  • Mondays will be Editorials day, with my bigger articles and the like.
  • Tuesdays will be Retrospectives. Yup, retro game reviews.
  • Wednesdays will be Soapbox updates. The stuff that really grinds my gears or just a place for me to vent my spleen a little bit.
  • Thursdays will be Game Reviews. This is a gaming blog. Perhaps it’s time to go back to some game reviews.
  • Fridays will be Lists Day. Five or Ten Things sorts of posts.
  • Saturdays I will round-up the week in news. This is a little bonus. I can prepare this during the week, meaning I can automate this for the weekend.
  • Sundays will be a day off.

I’m also looking into other stuff, perhaps a forum and such forth, but I’ll keep you posted on that sort of thing. I don’t want this to grow out of control. Baby steps still, especially considering I’m still trying to do all this whilst knowing I can’t sit down for more than a half hour before I have to move, or my back will cane for the rest of the evening.

I’ll also be taking suggestions for retro game reviews and possible upcoming games. I can’t promise to do everything – one game a week for each. Maybe I’ll use a poll to determine next months game schedule and such forth. Again, need to iron out the details but it’s an idea. The first retrospective to go up will be Dino Crisis 3. By damn, I have been meaning to talk about that for a while, so it’ll be good to finally get that done.

So yeah, change is coming. It’s been an interesting year and I can’t wait to see how 2013 pans out. The new content schedule will begin on Monday 21st January 2013. Will give me the chance to actually, you know, iron out the kinks in this design over the weekend as I find them.

Catch you then!



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7 thoughts on “Oh hello redesign!

  1. This is a landmark for the blog! Loving the new logo already and everything is much more organised. Hopefully more people will get involved and comment on KOG. Next up, GMA blog of 2013 awards ;).

  2. Loving the logo? That's a shock, took me the best part of ten minutes to knock it up! 😛

    Still got some tweaking to do but, change is happening. It's sort of fun… but a bit of a headache as well!

    1. Trust me is going to be quite a headache, I'm trying to code a website from scratch and is driving me crazy. Redesigns are always like this but at least you'll feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement at the end (if you ignore those who dislike the change of course ;P).

      1. Just occurs to me I'm going to have to go back and modify a fair few posts. Or I can just leave them be and focus on new posts. I'm not sure yet which one to go for.

        1. By modify do you mean making sure they're up to quality standards in terms of grammar and spelling mistakes? If that's the case then I think it'll be good to go through them (if you have time that is) since those things tend to put readers off. If you mean 'mass-scale changing the content' kind of modify then I think is best to leave them as. Old work always look a bit less shiny than new ones but there's no need to erase their existence, plus they show your writing's progression.

          Or I'm I completely off here?

          1. I meant fit them into the new design but I sort of decided this morning that's a lot of effort for nothing, I can do a week or twos worth of stuff and fix it up, but probably no need to go back further than that. But I can always check old stuff that shows up in my dashboard just to be on the safe side.

            Just need to work out why there's lag on the avatars now. They show up after a few minutes… but shouldn't take that long really.

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