July 2, 2022

Rough week…

It’s been a rough week for me.

And it’s not just the site and chopping up and adding new code (which still isn’t quite finished!) that has caused problems. I’ve obviously been running on very little sleep for some reason – I’m not sure if I can pin that on meds, on my mind being so pre-occupied with the code, my neighbours getting burgled (a bit close to home that!) or that I’m juggling a lot of games right now for various reasons. It’s just not been the amazing fresh start I was hoping it would be, I thought pacing it out would help but if everything is snowballing you, then it’s rather hard to have your head in the zone.

I promise I will just shrug and deal with things as they come now.

On the other hand, this is what I signed up for. So I guess I can’t really complain. Blogs like this take effort and work, and when you’re a one-man-show so to speak, it’s easy to feel the pressure. You’re expected to deliver. So I am going to have to get more sleep and man up and get on with it.

Anyway, here’s some stuff to note;

* Not doing forums unless more comments happen. Just not going to happen.
* Still working on why the avatars are going missing. Pretty sure this is something in the CSS code. Just got to work out what it is.
* Will be putting some sticky posts soon for people to suggest games to review. Note I am in a PAL region. So our releases are a little different.
* Going to fix up some of the older pages and images. The new system is stretching a lot of them. I know that.
* Some minor tweaks to the menu. Nothing major. They’ll stay much the same.
* I messed up by accidentally deleting this weekends Round Up. It’ll start next week. I am ashamed. I am sorry.


I’d also like to take a moment here to ask people to support Jonathan Coulton. You know him from such hits as Still Alive, The Future Soon and Tom Cruise Crazy. Anyway, if I thought my week was bad, his week has been terrible, as Fox decided to effectively rip his entire unique arrangement of the classic Baby Got Back for their new season of Glee – and sell it, for profit, without crediting him or rewarding him in any way. Fox reckons Coulton should be happy for the exposure as other artists seem to be (although it’s not always the case), but J.Co is a small self-publishing musician, the sort of person who doesn’t have an army of lawyers working for the record label at his disposal. Fox’s attitude reeks of dismissive bullying – and for a show which promotes an anti-bullying message, the irony of this is clearly NOT lost on me.

I simply ask that you don’t buy the track. Get J.Co’s original cover. People are buying it on iTunes to downrate it – nice idea, but rather like the issue with the V Mask, you’re still handing your money over to a massive corporation in order to hurl abuse at them. They don’t and clearly won’t care. You’re paying them for the privilege. It’s a little silly.

I am Team J.Co – and you should totally check out his music if you’re not that aware of it.


I'm the big cheese here. Comment, subscribe, direct waves of hate at me - all the same. Just hope you've had some partial enjoyment here!

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3 thoughts on “Rough week…

  1. 'Not doing forums unless more comments happen. Just not going to happen.' Come on people, comment more! Kami doesn't bite you if you do. I'm not very good at promoting this am I?

    1. Heh, perhaps. It's that self-fulfilling thing isn't it? Damned if I do and damned if I don't.

      Mind you, I'm getting myself used to this whole schedule thing this week, it just needed some time to sink in! 🙂

  2. It'll be worth it definitely, though is important to make sure you are enjoying it. At the end of the day people won't go mental if you forgot to post something. Treat this as a relaxing kind of thing (self-fullfillment as you say) and eventually people will start noticing and commenting (they're just not as much of a blabber mouth/typer as me :P).

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