June 29, 2022
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5 Gamecube Games That Should Be Downloadable on Wii-U

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It is surprising the breadth and depth of Nintendo sometimes has at its disposal.

There are a number of games Nintendo owns the rights to, but I don’t want to pick the obvious stuff – because we all know there will be a new Zelda, a new Metroid. We know there is a new Pikmin. The games I’m picking aren’t certain for a revival at all – indeed, some missed the Wii altogether, and it’s about time that issue was rectified! So let’s talk GAMES!

#5 – Wave Rave: Blue Storm

Wave Race is one of those things that people will immediately go, “Ahh, yes!”. It’s not the most immediately obvious choice, and whilst Blue Storm was much maligned for its challenging difficulty and devious course design, it was also an absolute riot. One of the things the Gamecube did better than any other console of its era was water effects – the Gamecube was, of course, the more “powerful” console of the day – a fact that many would shudder at nowadays. But when it came to water, nothing could demonstrate it more effectively than a jet-ski racer. Wave Race: Blue Storm was it. The realism and attention to detail in the weather effects was quite something, and it seemed to do quite well. But of course, it went AWOL during the Wii years, and with the Wii-U, that simply must be addressed. If they can’t make a new one (and I can’t see why they can’t!), making sure Blue Storm is there as a downloadable game with perhaps some online network play added in will compensate tremendously. It’s far from ugly even now!

#4 – Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

The Gamecube really had some quality RPGs, and Baten Kaitos is seem as one of the lesser appreciated ones. It was given a warm critical reception, but it failed to set the world on fire as it were, not helped by its prequel a couple of years later not do so well either. Which is a shame, because it was a clever title. Rather than take the role, you are a guardian spirit, guiding the hero Kalas on his quest for revenge and the story that unfolds around him. Forming a closer relationship and bond was key to getting anywhere. It was one of those card-battle ideas, and they have fallen out of fashion over the years – poor Yu-Gi-Oh! – but there were some right doozies doing the rounds at the time. Seeing as the studio is sort of split now, a proper new title in this franchise does seem like a tall order. But why not in the least get the two games they did make on the Wii-U Virtual Console and let people decide? Stranger things have happened in the industry. Let’s just see it.

#3  – Odama

Rolling a ball around is nothing new in gaming and of course, we have Katamari Damacy as an example of this. But Nintendo had their own strange take on it courtesy of  Vivarium, and this game was Odama. With a plot that was frankly comically ridiculous, and graphics that weren’t really amazing, most people wrote Odama off as a novelty that never got anywhere. But it has a very dedicated group of fans who have stated many times that its depth and complexity were passed over in the rush to hammer Nintendo for not being that original. But as difficult as Odama is and as ludicrous as its plot is in all its pseudo-historical lunacy, there is something almost deviant about Odama. Something that just sticks in the back of your mind, for whatever reason, and it is that unidentifiable quantity that makes it perfect as a long-shot downloadable title. The worst that can happen is we realise it has aged really badly, and to be fair, you can level that at any HD remake or re-release in the last eight years.

#2 – Starfox Adventures

Perhaps the most long-shot of all the games here, as Rare are now of course in the ownership of Microsoft. But of course, Starfox is a Nintendo property and as such I can’t see there being a huge challenge in getting this up as a downloadable. Some may reel in horror as I mention this game – indeed, at the time even I felt it was a bit… weak. But tainted by previous games and expectation, perhaps it was me who was at fault as there isn’t much wrong with the game – it’s a lovely experience, a fun and involving adventure in the vein of the Zelda series. It was gorgeous at the time and very well executed. Perhaps it just isn’t the Starfox game we wanted, and as such it got a lot of stick for just being too different to its original genre, the sci-fi shooter. Enough time has passed, and enough have grown up enough that with a new and more open pair of eyes that this game can garner the attention – and admiration – it deserves, for it is very far from a poor game. It deserves another shot, if possible.

#1 – Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

There’s no real surprise here. Of all the strange titles that Nintendo has pushed out over the years, Eternal Darkness was the game that really surprised the most. Nintendo publishing a Survival Horror game? Whaa? But it’s true, and it became something of a cult hit. The Lovecraftian horror melded with its episodic, encapsulated delivery. As Alex Roivas explores her late-fathers mansion, she learns about the past heroes who have come to possess the Tome of Eternal Darkness – and each page is a self-contained story, a stage to enjoy and savour. The insanity effects added more to it – the game was happy to make you think your game had crashed, or that it was already over, or to subject your character to being chopped apart by invisible forces before yanking you back a bit. I love Eternal Darkness, always have, and it is simply the only one single game that I would definitely demand Nintendo re-release. It’s just too good to leave alone. We need more of it. Lots more. Please!

And that concludes my 5 games that Nintendo need to virtually re-release. Agree? Disagree? Leave your thoughts. One thing is for sure – we’re watching you Nintendo. We remember. And we really will buy these games again if you let us buy them. We want to give you our money. Please don’t disappoint us!


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4 thoughts on “5 Gamecube Games That Should Be Downloadable on Wii-U

  1. All of the above plus chibi-robo! (just because it is impossible to find). Though I think we might be getting ahead ourselves, since Nintendo has even yet to announce GC game for the Wii-U virtual console (but it must happen right?). I'd love it if they did that instead of going the ' let's HD remake everything' route. One of the main points of the virtual console was that it allowed the rediscovery of odd gems that probably a) impossible to find or b) costs a fortune on Ebay. If they held GC games back just because of remakes then that would alienate a lot of games.

    1. Some HD remakes might be justified, but I'd much rather they re-released them. The Gamecube wasn't THAT long ago, and the games still visually in a lot of cases hold up a bit (Wave Race: Blue Storm in particular).

      But you are right, it's a bit ahead of ourselves. We can dream though, right? Eternal Darkness on Wii-U VC, so that we can remind them we're desperately awaiting the sequel… *wistful sigh*

      1. Agreed, and wave race's water graphics are truly amazing even today (even if that sounds a bit silly). Though if it were eternal darkness maybe they might need to change some things. People are going to get very confused as to why the game is telling them that their GC controller are disconnected when they're playing with the U-pad (I'd actaully justify this game getting a remake but who owns the IP?)
        It's good to dream it though, makes it more the sweeter when Nintendo actually announces it.

        1. On the IP thing, I can tell you Nintendo own the trademark – http://www.trademarkia.com/eternal-darkness-77932… – which helps somewhat. There was some confusion a while ago when Silicon Knights said they were working on an Eternal Darkness 2 prototype, which sounded lovely but when we realised they didn't even own the IP, the question was whether this was being done with Nintendo's knowledge (it appears not. Meaning it could never have been released as an Eternal Darkness entry).

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