November 29, 2021

It’s a blog post! Woo!

So another week is over, and with a weekend round-up coming in, it’s time for me to kick back and relax.

Not that I’ve been able to. My neighbours were broken into last Friday and now I’ve got that awful feeling of anxiety that comes with such a near-miss; every bump and bang has rendered me tense and nervous. To the point today I was medicated with a sleeping tablet to force me into sleep – assumed the position and down I went. I feel a little muddled in the head as a result but overall, I’m sure it’ll be alright in the end.

So my thoughts turn to this coming week.

I’ve got a few retro games to be getting on with, but with Dead Space 3 looming large I’m quite interested in having a go at The Thing, the PS2 game which arguably shares much in common thematically with Dead Space 3 and what it is doing. Perhaps just without the eleven DLC additions totalling just as much as the game itself – perhaps that’s one for a soapbox on its release. I also have a copy of The Suffering, the game which Silent Hill: Downpour reminded me of thematically and emotionally, because I missed it in Downpour’s bland beige tones. Finally, I also have Primal – with the rumours of a Sony PS4/Omni reveal towards the end of February, I’m also thinking next week about going back and looking at some of Sony’s crowning gaming achievements, of which for me Primal is one of them – not because it is perfect by a long shot, but that I missed it for so long. It’s a really good game and showed a real drive to push the boundaries in 2003, and I think it’s the sort of thing Sony should be fighting to get back to.

As for actual modern game reviews, I might do some catch-up this week. Seeing as this week there’s not much new, I just need to decide on something.

Similarly, I’m also playing Final Fantasy XI. I want to do this as a sort of a retrospective, because I never really tuned into it. But truth be told, I’m really liking FFXI. It’s got a lot of content and depth for not a lot of outlay, and the grind is much more tolerable than what it was supposedly back at the start. I’m looking forward to talking more about that soon.

Finally, I’m looking to get some discussion posts going soon for people to suggest games and retro games for me to pick up on, with polls. Look out for those soon!

Anyway, I’m going to go watch Room 101. Surprise Surprise!, this week it has Cilla Black! Lame joke is lame. šŸ˜›

Catch you later!


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