October 25, 2021

Thumbs down :S

Right, here’s a heads up; there will be a review on Thursday and this week, that is it.

There’s a really rather good reason for this; that is, I have knackered my thumb up a bit. Which is still rather painful. How? Well, I got it slammed in a car door. Crunch. Screamed like a little girl on helium. Dogs were trying to get to my location. I probably beamed a message to aliens in the process, a four-letter word beginning with F (which means we might soon be at war with an alien race. Sorry!). It wasn’t my finest hour. Right now, it’s strapped and bandaged up, a little gory and bloodied but that’s kind of the point.

Means I have to give it a few days. It feels really odd and numb right now but I am told that’s completely normal.

It also means I can catch up on some sleep – or try to, anyway. Recently I admit I’ve been running on fumes and I needed a recharge period I ended up not giving myself. So really, with a broken thumb, this seems like the best sort of time to take a few days out and get caught up. Hopefully it will reignite my brain into action. Scaling down the Mirtazapine will likely help on that too.

Anyway, sorry about the whole thing. I will now go and send pictures of my gory thumb to my brother via mobile.

Hey, it’s something to do!


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