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FF7 Meteor

Round-Up 11th-15th February 2013.

No meteors here!

Well, this was an eventful week. What with a meteor exploding over Russia, the Pope retiring and more Horse in the burgers and ready-meals of British supermarkets than you’d find at the 3:10 at Aintree, the gaming world might have seemed rather boring but of course, it wasn’t. Sure, we didn’t exactly have anything as impressive as the real world this week (does this mean Russia will have the first zombie outbreak now? It it okay to say that?) but it was damned close… okay. No it wasn’t. But still, look on the bright side. There can’t be any Horsemen of the Apocalypse considering their rides are currently in frozen lasagne’s across the length of the UK!


Monday, 11 February 2013

* We kicked off the week with the delay of Rayman Legends. UbiSoft decided that the game was now to be multi-platform, and they were going to withhold the release of their admittedly-finished title to coincide with the PlayStation 3 and X-Box 360 releases in September. This sounds awesome until you realise September brings with it a little something called Grand Theft Auto V. Rayman has never competed well – Origins was outsold by the awful Sonic Generations, after all, so rather than business sense, this does look more like commercial suicide… anyway, Wii-U users are going to get an exlcusive demo as compensation. Oh yay… (Source)

*And in an otherwise quiet day, Axl Rose of Guns n’ Roses had his case against Activision dismissed this week, on the grounds that the suit was filed rather too late for anything to be done about it. It was about not being represented correctly in Guitar Hero, that Slash and others were allowed to “lip-sync” to his voice and the like. But the complaint wasn’t made until three years after the game was released – which is a bit of a gap. Still, it’s not the end of the world for Axl Rose as Activision have offered the chap his very own game! (Source)

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

* Beleaguered retailer HMV laid off its entire workforce in Ireland as it is restructured and repackaged for potential buyers. 16 stores and 300 staff may seem like peanuts compared to what damage could be done, but its the entire workforce of its presence in Ireland and in this climate, losing your job in such a manner sucks and blows in equal measure. My best wishes to all those affected, and here is hoping you all find better and much better paying jobs in the very near future. Godspeed! (Source)

* The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct came back into the news this week not because people wanted to mock it relentlessly (although they did and that’s perfectly okay!), but because Activision confirmed that it would not see a Wii-U release in Australia. Which led to many like me ask whether it is okay to request that this cancellation can extend far more widely to everywhere on every single platform. Seriously, we all know this game has “Fail” written all over it. Just no, Activision. Stop it. (Source)

* In a rare show of common sense by the universe, the man who is believed to have been the one who pulled the trigger to shoot Osama Bin Laden wanted to consult on last years tragic mess, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, but EA turned him down. Many have said this shows EA has used common sense, although let’s be honest about this; people who were involved in this mess lost their jobs, and the game was really not that good anyway. The chap had a near-miss, and should count his blessings that he can sleep soundly at night knowing he had nothing to do with it! (Source)

* And Tuesday saw the BAFTA Video Game Awards nominations. Now, I’m honestly no fan of the BAFTA gaming awards and after last years VGA’s, there is a sense of needing something terrible and dull. But all the sensible nominations are there; Journey, The Walking Dead, FarCry 3. And a few that obviously don’t deserve to be there but if they didn’t nominate them than someone at EA or Activision might end up crying into their cornflakes in the morning. Will talk more on this as the awards approach! (Source)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

* Delays. We hate them, but when it is arguably one of the biggest games of the year, we hate them even more. The Last of Us slipped from a March release into June, which at least gives Sony some breathing space in the coming week to tell us all about the PS4. Because that’s going to be pretty dominant next week I think. Call it a bit of a hunch. (Source)

* But on the flipside, Deadpool: The Video Game, once touted as having a Fall 2013 release, appears to have been pulled forward to a Summer 2013 release. Deadpool is one of those comic-book anti-heroes that on paper sounds like it would work perfectly in a video game, so fingers crossed that there will be plenty of fourth-wall breaking, perverse humour and perhaps an optional Marvel Girl costume for Deadpool to prance around in singing, “I feel pretty, oh so pretty…” (Source)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

* Oh Sony, you old romantics you! Gifting us the pleasure of a sneak peek at your new PS4 controller design! Except it does look a little lonely and depressed. I know everyone has been saying that it looks like a naff attempt at copying Nintendo but the small screen size rather makes me think more of the Dreamcast VMU than Nintendo right now. That said, it’s early days and I prefer the chunkier, thicker design of it. I think the PS3 Six-Axis was a bit too small, but that’s personal preference. (Source)

* 11-Bit Studios, they of Anomaly, launched a new pre-order campaign; the catch is, you’re not being told what the game is, and the pre-order deal – currently offered half-price at $7.50 – ends when the game is officially revealed on Feb. 28th. We gamers are no strangers to the art of gambling our money on upcoming releases, but I’m wondering if this is the first time we’re being asked to reserve a game which we know nothing about – not the genre, not the title, nothing. Still, at $7.50, it’s not much more than a lottery scratchcard… (Source)

* Nintendo Direct celebrated thirty years of Luigi with a flurry of Luigi-themed news. Not merely a release date for Luigi’s Mansion, nor a new Mario & Luigi RPG in the Superstar Saga vein (Lovely!), but also DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U – 80 whole levels of Luigi-centric platforming love. No price os yet set but they have said it’s akin to the whole of NSMB:U in size, which means clearly Nintendo are doing their DLC wrong. Did no-one tell them you’re supposed to screw over customers on content length? (Source)

Friday, 15 February 2013

* Rounding off the week, Sony amused us all by revealing it had patented a new tablet-like peripheral for its next console to go with the EyeToy, and it’s patented name is the EyePad. Now, I may not have gone to law school in my life but you know, something tells me that this device is about to have a few “Apples” dropped on it from a very great height. And it must be said I doubt Sony really have the financial clout to go for a few rounds with one of the technology worlds biggest… (Source)

* Nintendo sold 55k Wii-U’s in Jan. 2013, which is the lowest of any system since the 8-bit days. However, before we all shout doom and gloom, there were bugger all games, no real hype, little advertising and it’s just after the Christmas period too. With billions in reserves, a willingness to change when it all goes bad and two gigantic MMOs due in March in the shape of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Dragon Quest X, you write Nintendo off at your own peril. Shoulda learned that from the 3DS… (Source)


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