June 29, 2022

Organised this week. And thank you Sony.

Okay, so this week I am a little more organised. My head throbs a little but I assume that’s me getting used to Venlafaxine over the old Mitazapine, and aside some screwed-up vivid dreams that quite honestly would have Stephen King crying into his cornflakes in the morning, health-wise I’m doing alright.

So in a bit, The Thing retrospective should be up. I liked it. I also have the review for Aliens: Colonial Marines scheduled for Thursday – it’s the easiest spanking I’ve ever given a game but also one of the saddest, like I shouldn’t have to say any of it. Something went VERY wrong with Aliens: Colonial Marines. In ways that we cannot begin to fathom. It’s bad, but that is multiplied tenfold by how cripplingly disappointing the whole thing is. It’s a real shame. Still, next week I should have Metal Gear: Revengeance, and so far that looks quite good actually. So yay for Platinum Games. Again.

Right, onto the other bit.

My PS3 has been broken and of course, it’s out of warranty. Rather than send it back to Sony, and pay the flat-£100-odd for a replacement that we hear needs to be paid, I took it to a shop that specialises in repairing consoles. They’ve had good relations with Sony for a while apparently, and are quite pally with some of their service reps. So they said they’d first of all get in touch with Sony and you know, ask nicely if they would awfully mind, you know, replacing the broken PS3, citing that it would be a goodwill gesture to someone who loves games and is obviously psyched for the PS4 unveiling this week (Hell yeah!).

And Sony, bless them, said yes.

My PS3 is VERY out of warranty – it’s five years old as I recall – so for Sony to be so gracious as to replace it stuns the hell out of me, and I’d like to extend a deep thanks to Sony for it. In the past, I’ve often cited my troubles with the PS2 Slim and the multiple versions I went through. But they eventually made it right; and now, this is the icing on top of a very sweet cake for this gaming year. A replacement PS3 with another 12-months warranty. I should have just asked myself, but you know, I’m still truly grateful for it. I’m very much now looking forward to the raft of PS3 games coming this year and more keen than ever before to see what Sony show us this week on the PS4.

Of course, it could be that the shop has compromising pictures of Kaz Hirai and the support team in nothing but chaps and prosthetic lobster claw gloves screaming out “RIIIIIDGE RRRAAAACEEEERRRRR!”, but in that case I’d rather not know. I’m just thrilled they’ve done something I probably wouldn’t have done. And it just goes to show, doesn’t it? If you don’t ask, you don’t get. They began by asking and yeah, the worst Sony could have said was “No, really, no.” That they didn’t makes me truly appreciate that there is some deep-seated goodness still in Sony. It’s still probably not doing their profits any favours but they definitely right now can count on one more person to be ploughing money into their coffers this year, as well as being considered one of the best customer support services in the world right now.

I’m truly thrilled and excited about the remaining year or so of the PS3. With a renewed PS3, it’s going to get a hell of a lot more use.

Bravo Sony. I salute you and all you do.


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