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Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate

Open door policy.

Resident Evil 6 (PC)

Reconsidered evils…

Reviews catch-up!

Hey hey, I’m still here. Right, I have been playing lots of games lately so for the remainder of this week, unless something earth-shatteringly amazing happens (Square-Enix’s troubles not withstanding, because frankly any company not making money from 3.4 million sales of a game in less than a month needs a kick in the crotch!), […]

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

Hearts and Minds, all over the place…

Bonus Round: Blockbuster – Hasn’t The Market Spoken?

Dinosaurs and dodos.

Remastered Games and Negative Sales.

Leave to mature for 18 months…

Sony PS4 Controller

Console Specs and Sales: War? What is it good for?

Smoking Guns

God of War: Ascension

From hells heart, I stab at thee…

Frozen foot feels foul.

I spent the past couple of days struggling with my foot. Walking is hard enough as it is, but my right foot locked up completely and I haven’t been able to bear weight on it at all since. I’ve had some injections to help loosen it up – which have worked a little, I can […]

Bonus Round – Why Riccitiello Had To Go.

Let’s look at the evidence.

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