June 29, 2022

Tuesday – Not Here. Sort of.

Well, it’s Tuesday and I’m not here.

Sort of.

Okay, so my brother is in hospital. Seems he took a bit of a tumble after an argument with a friend and landed all wrong, which means he can’t feel his arms. On the bright side, he can move his toes and bend his knees so it is unlikely to be a spinal issue (since mine is being ravaged by arthritis, you learn how the spine works!) but it’s still a problem and I’m obviously kind of frantic right now. I have my sisters worried sick and I’m constantly trying to find out more, so yeah, it’s a bit of a pain right now.

Sorry, life has to come first!

And when I do get back, I’ve got Tomb Raider to finish! Yup, I’m enjoying Lara’s ‘finest’ performance to date. On one hand, I miss the old Tomb Raider which had a sense of humour and a very British sensibility. On the other hand, it’s nice that Lara is no longer a two-dimensional cardboard cut-out face with two massive over-inflated space-hoppers taped to the front. She’s more human, more interesting. The game still feels a bit shallow though – a bit too Uncharted for my tastes I think. Sony’s eponymous franchise is dripping from the new Lara instalment and it’s like she’s playing catch-up rather than taking a starring lead. I suppose that’s the problem with Tomb Raider, except this weeks retrospective (now next weeks!) was going to be Tomb Raider: Anniversary. The remake that, for me, redefined Lara Croft and her adventuring ways and was a thoroughly great game to boot. It’s a shame that framework wasn’t built on more. It deserves praise.

I also find myself playing Demon’s Souls more. I sort of missed it in lieu of Dark Souls, but now I have it, I am infatuated by it. There’s something even more ambitious and majestic about Demon’s Souls to the point that it just feels more alive. I suppose that there are “living” enemies in Boletaria sort of helps, but there is so much more interesting stuff. I didn’t realise I could shoot down the red dragon! That was kind of fun. I found my first centipede demon – looks more like a sideways sea anemone, but either way, was fun (after the Adjudicator boss. He really didn’t like me!). In the same way I found myself facing down some annoying samurai bloke, although I found that relatively easy. Two hand my magic weapon, he rolls into a corner, it’s kind of all over in a flash. A very interesting, fun game with a hell of a lot going for it. Hopefully Dark Souls 2 will be a perfect blend of the two; Dark Souls seems rigid compared to the fluidity of Demon’s Souls. But Dark Souls was definitely more accessible.

I also hear this morning there’s some EA news. Which likely will be tomorrows soapbox. After I’ve had some sleep, I can focus on that.

So I’m getting sleep now.



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