September 24, 2021

S’a blog post!

Well, turning out to be a strange week again.

Not that my life isn’t already a string of utterly improbable and implausible events coinciding in the universal equivalent of a punchline; I’ve come to accept that as a staple of my pitiful existence. But it’s been an odd week because I’ve been digging into older games, older titles and things I missed first time around.

So, I finished Demon’s Souls. I’ll grant you that I don’t feel like I’ve even begun to scratch the surface of it, but my first completion is done. I am perhaps a little disappointed because I think the ending isn’t nearly as epic as it could have been but I am a big fan of the game, so there is that. Equally, considering it was free I downloaded Mortal Kombat (2011). I had partially sidestepped it considering its focus on more professional fighting but I was at least pleased to see it was back to a very traditionalist sort of setup; arguably, Sonya’s new look is frankly hilariously wrong and Kano is unspeakably bad. But that said, at least they didn’t go all Armageddon-Stryker on us. When someone talks about woeful redesigns, that’s my go-to example of one of the worst. It’s a suitably low bar that most sane and sensible people can step over without much effort.

I could have talked this week about the In-App Purchases thing. It’s been in the news again and I’m going to save it for a rainy day, because it’s a suitably deep bucket of slop and I like to put off some of those for those occasions when you need something to rail against. The latest bad boy on the scene is Sonic Dash; a cheap app with surprisingly expensive in-app purchases. Somehow even that is less vile than Sonic 2006, and I’m not entirely sure how that is possible. Dear Universe, I think you screwed up here somewhere. Love, Kami.

If this goes anywhere in the next day or two, I’ll do a Bonus Round on it.

I could also eventually talk about Richard Garriott’s reappearance and new Kickstarter to make a new MMORPG in a sort of pseudo-Ultima vein. The problem is I have absolutely no way of being unbiased in that sort of debate because, fundamentally, I am one of the worlds biggest Tabula Rasa fanboys. I loved it. I make no bones about how much I loved it. I was subbed from the promising start to the bitter end, and I regret nothing. I have found it really difficult to forgive Mr. Garriott for that one. I know it wasn’t ALL on him, but that he did nothing whilst NCSoft replaced it with the terribly bland Aion doesn’t make me feel any less annoyed at him. I would pay a subscription fee for a revived Tabula Rasa. Also, this is a man who spent umpteen millions of his personal fortune going into space. His presence on Kickstarter feels even more inappropriate than when Peter Molyneux went there. I… I just find it too strange. Sorry.

Also, I am having WoW-Withdrawl. I go through this from time to time but I do know I miss it, although I can never quite determine if I miss it in its current state or I’m pining for what I think in my head it used to be like. It’s complicated. My whole relationship with World of Warcraft is complicated.

On the upside, at least the whole EA thing is easing off a little. I say “a little”, it’s still a raging inferno but at least someone turned off the gas main. Whatever is left in the rubble of that one is going to be important to look at; at its most basic, the issue is one of DRM. Take away all the other fleshy parts and the core nub is still DRM, it’s the stone in the middle of a particularly bitter cherry. I’d like to see how EA dissect this one in the future. If they learn anything from it.

Other than that, I’m just waiting for some more games to be released. The mixed reception to God of War: Ascension has left me wondering if I should perhaps in this instance simply rent it. But then, I’ve disagreed with people before so you never know…

Anyway. With that, I crawl back to bed for now. Also: Neogaf. Damn you guys have some serious timing, don’t you? Talk about the Anita Sarkeesian stuff, link to my old racial stereotypes post just as I’m writing about the Anita Sarkeesian thing itself. You guys at times creep me out. Really, your sense of timing is… well, frankly legendary, but it still blows my mind.

Never use those powers for evil!

note; I’ve finally coded mouseover back into things so I can do mouseover jokes again! Woo! You’ll probably see me OD’ing on those in the coming days. I love a good mouseover pun.


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