September 24, 2021

No review this week. *gasp*

No review this week. Sorry, it’s been hectic and I totally forgot to pick something new up. I am very sorry for that.

Been that sort of week anyway, so please forgive the shortness of this. I’m off in a moment to the doctor as well, then need to check up on my brother, then my sister and then do some housework. As hard as it is to do, I can’t always call in cleaners at £100-a-day to do it for me once a month. Some things I can do on my own – like a little mild sweeping, and a little table polishing, and bagging up the rubbish to go down tomorrow for pick-up.

I also have one stroppy cat who is demanding attention and hugs. Like right now. So I’m gonna take off and finish the day off with a big mug of Ovaltine. Because sometimes in life all you get is the simple pleasures.

I do have tomorrows SFTW in mind as well. Today gave me some fire in my belly for it!


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