October 24, 2021

Frozen foot feels foul.

I spent the past couple of days struggling with my foot.

Walking is hard enough as it is, but my right foot locked up completely and I haven’t been able to bear weight on it at all since. I’ve had some injections to help loosen it up – which have worked a little, I can wiggle my toes ever so slightly – but it’s still painful. Due to spending hours at the doctors, I haven’t had time for a post today. My apologies.

However, I’ve got a God of War: Ascension review for tomorrow, and then this weekend it’s all about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. It’s hard to ignore. I’m looking forward to playing it, even though I haven’t been a staunch fan of the series there is no denying that it looks good and has a huge community that is vibrant and eager to get on with taking down the latest cold-blooded nasties. It’s also one of two Wii-U games this month that seem – dare I say it? – really good, with Lego City: Undercover the other one. Hopefully this is the start of better things to come, because the Wii-U desperately needs decent games – not a port of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. As much as I liked it, that does seem to be taking the piss somewhat.

I’m also enjoying The Legend of Grimrock again, primarily down to the recent fan-made Masters Quest mod, which reworks the whole main campaign into something far more epic and interesting. It’s taken a while and a lot of effort, but it’s so far an incredible example of improving on near-perfection. Whilst Almost Human work on Grimrock 2, the fans are consistently pumping out engaging content for others to enjoy. It’s the way modding should be, really.

But right now, I should be resting. Although my brain finds it hard to switch off, so by the end of the day, who knows? I might have knocked up something resembling a decent post!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


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