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Criticising Free Stuff.

Sometimes it’s hard to be grateful…

Weekend Bonus Round: No Nintendo Show at E3? Wut?!

Actually, on second thoughts…

SFTW: The Middle.

Insert song lyrics here.

KOGBlog – Stu

Yes, I am aware there’s a big thing for poetry, and I used to write it. Yes, I’m knocking out a brief one here. I can’t sleep for some reason. Sucks, but gotta do something! Early draft. ——————————————- Stu Stu was born with golden hair Impressive, there was none to compare To his shining locks […]

New Generation, Old Ideas and Lessons of the Past.

The subject that just keeps on giving (even when you don’t want it to…).

Lies, Damned Lies and Gimmicks.

a.k.a. Technological Novelties vs. Progress 2: Electric Boogaloo EX-+@ Championship GOTY Edition Redux.

SFTW: Waiting for Chickens to Hatch…

On the X-Box and PS4 Rumourmill…

Luigi’s Mansion 2

Bump In The Night…

Handhelds Vs. Home Consoles: It Takes All Sorts.

FIIIIIIIIGHT… oh wait, no, the opposite of that…

KOGBlog 16-04-2013

Time for another blog update. And an apology for some sporadic and off-time updates lately. Some personal sibling drama to fix has left me a little flustered of late. Anyway, I WAS going to review Defiance last week, but I had some problems playing it. As in, it wasn’t really working properly. It’s been patched […]

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