October 25, 2021

KOGBlog 04-08-2013

Welcome new visitors and old. No, I won’t mention Mrs. T here. Apart from that one time and we’ll not speak of it again.

Looks like this week is going to be busy, so I’m formatting the blog titles a little because “wibble” just didn’t cut it. I rejigged post scheduling about a bit partly because I can and partly because I thought certain things might work better on different days. Later on I might write about that frightful mess that Microsoft have gotten themselves into this weekend, firstly with a PR fail, then not clearing up the reason for the PR fail, then today more PR fail. I like PR fail. It sustains me. The week is pretty much set which is good, because my sleep pattern has gone for a Bernard. It’s a strange sensation to want to sleep during the day, and I’m not entirely sure it’s a pleasant one. And I don’t even get to sparkle. What gives Nature? If you’re going to make me nocturnal, let’s have some freaking perks to go with it!

Anyway, I thought I’d do some irregular little opinionated bites. Short and sweet stuff. So here goes;


  • Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Wii-U has been canned. Spin it however you want to, the game was crap, is crap and always will be crap, and Nintendo have dodged one hell of a bullet there.
  • Richard Garriott got suckers to fund his Kickstarter. More than any other project, I can say I’ve been in his thrall with Tabula Rasa. Good luck chaps. You’ll need it.
  • The new X-Box will just be “Xbox”, and rumours suggest it will cost around $500. I’d feign surprise here, but that might look a little too patronising for most people…
  • EA are still up for Worst Company in America 2013. Peter Moore stuck his foot in it too. What he said is likely why they’ll win… and probably win it next year too…
  • HMV got rescued in a multi-million pound deal. Which is great. I think. I’m never quite sure because I always thought dead things needed to stay dead. Did I miss a memo?
  • Square-Enix’s new boss is promising a “fundamental review” of the company. Perhaps to find out where and how all the talented Final Fantasy people escaped from the basement…
  • Microsoft sold off its IPTV arm today to Ericcson. One moment… hhgn… no, sorry, all out of care.
  • Shigeru Miyamoto reckons Wii-U criticism is the same as the 3DS criticism they got. Perhaps. But you know something, Miyamoto-san? You did the 3DS first. Shouldn’t you have learned from that?
  • And a report suggest Chinese gamers think Chinese games suck. You can make the whole copyright infringement joke. I can’t possibly comment on it…


Anyway, with that out of the way and my head feeling like a BioShock Infinite tear just opened up inside my skull, I best go get a lie down for the moment.


Have fun!


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