May 7, 2021

KOGBlog 16-04-2013

Time for another blog update. And an apology for some sporadic and off-time updates lately. Some personal sibling drama to fix has left me a little flustered of late.

Anyway, I WAS going to review Defiance last week, but I had some problems playing it. As in, it wasn’t really working properly. It’s been patched up but for me, it’s still a little unstable and I don’t particularly feel I’ve had enough time with the actual game part of the game to make any real judgements. The problem with these big MMO worlds is that you can’t really get a sense of them in a short space of time. I mean, with The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct you know almost instantly what you’re letting yourself in for. The same with BioShock Infinite. Defiance is different. I don’t think I can yet say if it is good nor not because I haven’t been able to play it much, or at the top-end. So I’ll likely skip this one for a week or two and see if it stabilises, if not then I just won’t bother.

It’s not like there aren’t other games out there to enjoy. This week I’ve had some fun with Luigi’s Mansion 2, and it’s lovely. I’m a fan of the original, and it’s still in my little cupboard. There’s something quite lovely still about Luigi’s Mansion and I’m very very tempted to pull it out and do a retrospective on it next week. It’s been in there unused for too long. It would be nice to revisit it one more time.

Anyway, my next few weeks look like this (in no particular order);

Soul Sacrifice (PS Vita) – I love the look of this game. It does remind me of Dark Souls in the aesthetic, but that’s a bit like criticising a man for looking too like Johnny Depp. As it has been designed for the Vita, it’s going to be a lot more instant and tolerable to short bursts, which is good because ultimately those are the sorts of games that sell on handheld consoles. And it’s a nice grown-up game. And a Vita game, at a time when it really badly needs them. So that’s definitely on my radar.

Resident Evil Revelations HD (PS3 and Wii-U) – I decided to rent the PS3 version and buy the Wii-U version. There’s a good reason for this. I do actually believe the Wii-U version will work better, as the 3DS original was paced and crafted around the touch-screen menu. That’s how the game began and how it works. But I do actually want to see how they have transferred it onto the PS3. I do want to see if they managed to pull it off, and make it work properly. Or whether it becomes a UI disaster-area like Resident Evil 6. Place your bets now…

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut (PS3) – I loved the original and have it on the 360, but the Director’s Cut is PS3 exclusive so I’ve got to go that way to play this. And frankly, I always found it hard to explain Deadly Premonition, because it’s so out-there. It was never the prettiest game, nor the best acted, or the most solidly designed. But in a generation where survival horror has gone so badly wrong, it’s a great example of a well-paced, well-executed, well-told story. And that makes me want to see what they add to make it worth another look.

Dark (X-Box 360) – This is due for the start of June, which is a real shame because it’s going to get eclipsed by another game, which I’ll discuss shortly. But it’s been a while since we had a proper vampire story that didn’t descend into mentioning a certain movie franchise. Dark is a stealth-action adventurey sort, really gritty and smart and witty by all accounts and it should be a hell of a step up on Vampire Rain, that’s for sure. But no matter how awesome it is, I’m afraid I can’t see it selling. And this is why.

The Last Of Us (PS3) – Also due for the start of June, this is the game most of us have been waiting an absolute age for. And it’s very easy to see why – a survival horror game that tries a whole new enemy, a whole new approach, introduces a strong female character, has choice and consequence and is utterly gorgeous to behold. We’ve been panting for this game now for about two years and this, for me, will be a priority-one title on its release. I cannot wait to get stuck into it, because Naughty Dog certainly know how to make great games.

Poker Night 2 (PC) – And as a final note, I loved Poker Night at The Inventory. I loved the wit and the charm. And now we have Poker Night 2, with Sam (from Sam and Max), Ash from The Evil Dead series and Claptrap from Borderlands, there should be great anecdotes and puns aplenty to go around. But the real reason to want this is that they have a new dealer… and her name is GLaDOS. As she says in the sneak preview, “I love these little moments of quiet before the crying starts.” I just want a string of pithy GLaDOS put-downs. I’d pay for a CD of GLaDOS insulting me. Which probably says something…

Anyway. That’s my next couple of weeks and I’ve also not been pushed back on Mirtazapine as we expected, but had my current meds upped to 75mg twice a day. Which is great but the euphoric highs aren’t quite under control just yet and days like today when you are slightly coming down from it, it feels like a slight fog in your head. Hopefully this will pass, and we can sort out a more permanent manic solution. But I understand the need to get one right before you try stabilising the other, and it may as well start with the depression side first. That just seems to be the general thrust of it. It’s not like I can do much in a manic state anyway – my spine and legs have put paid to any trips to New Zealand…

Anyway, I’ll do something for tomorrow. And right now, will try and get some sleep.

Have fun all!


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