June 16, 2021

KOGBlog: 02-05-2013. Don’t worry, I’m OK.

Okay, after that sombre reflection that was my last blog post, I am here and very much okay.

I am taking a few days out for various reasons; one, I need it. Two, I need to recharge and get some sleep and play some games mindlessly. Third – I’m meeting my cousin this weekend. You’d think that was nothing special but the last time we saw each other was twenty years ago, and it’ll be nice to catch up and disengage nerd mode for a few hours.

I’ve also had a couple days of block. I’ve started writing only for it to go all whoops missus and down your trousers. I don’t like that, it frustrates me, so a few days break is needed. A one-man show does need a holiday sometime, y’know?

Anyway, I’ll be back on Monday. I’m totally 110% fine. Don’t worry about me. I have enough people doing that already in my life.


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2 thoughts on “KOGBlog: 02-05-2013. Don’t worry, I’m OK.

  1. I've been very busy lately (deadlines looming and what not) so haven't had much time to read and comment on the blog (I'll need to master the art of keeping comments concise first!) Regardless, there's nothing better than a break sometimes.

    So enjoy your nerd rumblings with your cousin and relax a bit. Your one of few bloggers (or writers even) that produce more than you consume Kami, so don't worry about netizens not getting enough content to digest :P.

    1. I know, but I always worry about lots of things. It's partly my nature and partly my condition. 🙂

      I'm out tomorrow though to get new baking stuff. I've recently got into baking partly because it fills any gaps in my day that would otherwise be spent worrying, and partly because the end result is cheap, wholesome food. Well, mostly. White chocolate blondies are perhaps not the most nutritionally balanced foodstuff (damned addictive though!).

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