June 16, 2021

KOGBlog – 06-05-2013. I’m back!

I am back, after a nice few days of rest and games.

So let me break down my gaming. I spent the weekend playing Neverwinter, the new F2P MMO from the worrying partnership that is Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment. Whether or not I like the game seems irrelevant after what has happened this weekend; the user-made content has broken the game considerably. Levelling is easy, making money and side-stepping the real-money Zen Shop all too easy. Those who paid for the $200 pack are being singled out for targeted abuse in PvP, and the whole thing is becoming a bit of a mess. Which is a shame because the actual game underneath all the RMT Bullshit is actually really very nice. So nice that in actual fact, I think it could be the best work Cryptic have ever done. It’s just a shame it’s been so compromised by the cash shop and a customer base seeking to undermine it. This will be a rich vein to mine, but I want to see if they fix it – or make it worse. And by worse, I mean rollbacks. If people are subjected to that, then Neverwinter will never survive to the Winter season. Time will tell. But I have my eye on it.

I’ve been getting my silver trophies in Rayman Legends: Challenges App. I’m quite content with that, unfortunately the cycle of tasks is beginning to repeat itself and become a little stale but that’s something easily fixed. We shall see what happens.

Also; the Wii-U got a price drop in the UK! Not because of Nintendo, but retailers, because the EU Competition rules give that power to the retailers. Prices have fallen to £149.99 for the basic pack and £199.99 for the premium version. Hopefully Nintendo will capitalise on this drop by revealing many strong Wii-U games in an impromptu Nintendo Direct. Of course, pigs might fly, but it’s what I’d do. Turn what could be construed as bad news into good news – retailers are buying it cheaper than this anyway, so all that is needed is some positive game press! Come on Nintendo! Do it!

Finally, yes, I know Denis Dyack is making a “spiritual successor” to Eternal Darkness. I’ve expressed my love of this game many times, but I am not sure Denis Dyack – and the way he handled Silicon Knights post-Nintendo – is the right man for this. He’s held onto this project for a long time, even to the point of preparing a demo without ownership of the licence and without the involvement of a number of other people without whom the project may never have gotten finished. He clearly thinks it was his last great work – and I guess I can’t argue against that – but it was not his work alone. And that is a big sticking point for me. A sequel with him would be awesome; but he’d have to be back with the old team, and that means going back under Nintendo’s thumb. And despite assurances he’ll get a Wii-U release, I’d wager Nintendo is watching this with interest, because “Shadow of the Eternals” is already sailing awfully close to the wind. I do sort of feel sorry for Denis Dyack. But at the same time, you can’t screw a publisher like Activision, customers over X-Men Destiny, the press over negative press of Too Human (it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good enough to get glowing reviews no matter what the guy thinks!) and your own staff without some repercussions. Eternal Darkness was the last time I think we all universally held the guy in respect, and that’s made him cling onto it for dear life. And that really makes me feel bad for him. He doesn’t need our ire, and he certainly doesn’t need us throwing money at him to make this spiritual successor (which effectively in his mind will be Eternal Darkness 2 in all but name!). He needs to move on, and the help and support to move on. That ship has sailed, sir. Make another horror game, by all means. Just let go of Eternal Darkness. It’s gone. You’ll never get it back.

And whilst I want an Eternal Darkness 2, I may have to accept that with all the people who made it now spread around multiple studios and publishers, that it is unlikely to ever happen. Some things are just moments in time. And we need to accept that.

Still Nintendo, an HD Re-release would be nice. Pretty please?


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2 thoughts on “KOGBlog – 06-05-2013. I’m back!

  1. Just read up the Kickstarter description on Shadow of Eternals. Looks very interesting indeed- of course the moment they announced I thought: 'Kami's going to be cautiously excited'. I'm a little worried that they won't make their goal though.

    Now would be a good time to re-release the game Nintendo (GC virtual console or hd release it doesn't matter! Just do it! It's literally impossible to find where I live).

    1. Kickstarter, as I've said before, relies an awful lot on trust. Denis Dyack is one of those people who more than anyone has torched numerous bridges in his desire to remain somewhat relevant. Trusting the guy who ended up creating such ire over X-Men Destiny is an enormous ask.

      And whilst he was obviously a part of Eternal Darkness, it was not his work alone. He was co-writer and co-producer, the latter overseen also by Shigeru Miyamoto. He was part of a large team working under the close supervision of Nintendo. I admire his passion, but we need more than passion. He's jumping through hoops to make this seem "legit", and I am of course very nervous about that.

      That said, whilst I'm not going to throw money his way, if it turns out to be a good game – of course I will buy it. I'm just not going to throw money before the pudding is even put into the oven. I wish him the best – but he's too much a high-risk investment. I'd rather buy the end product – if it ever gets finished – than throw money at it whilst it's in development. Remember most of us are still reeling from pre-ordering Aliens: Colonial Marines!

      I do agree though they need to re-release Eternal Darkness. It's a brilliant game and more people need to play it!

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