KOGBlog – 17-05-2013: Hand injuries. Again.

Ever feel like the world hates you?

I stumbled last week when I went outside, and scraped the back of my hand. Not a big deal, usually, unless you’re on medication which does have side effects which include blood not clotting properly, and… well… yeah. After a few days and a blister that was incredibly impressive and much larger than the original wound, turns out that it WAS something to be worried about. So now I’ve got to take it somewhat easy, which isn’t exactly easy when your hands are the means of taking it easy. I’ve got this solution to put over the now-dried wound but it burns like fire! Not my favourite thing in the world.

So, what have I been playing?

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut; it’s every bit as divisive and subjective as it ever was, perhaps moreso with new content added that just feels so jarringly unnecessary. I don’t think anyone will ever agree on this game so there’s very little point in a review of it. I can’t quite bring myself to a thousand words of, “Rent it first and see if you like it.” That seems completely without merit.

Borderlands 2; I actually bought the Krieg DLC and I’m much more enjoying Borderlands. My issue with the first four/five characters is that they are very well-rounded, whereas Krieg is all about living dangerously and on the very edge of your comfort zone. I still think £7.99 is a bit overpriced for it, and really, Gearbox need to worry more about this kind of thing not being thrown into the Season Pass, because there’s plenty of additional extras and the actual content isn’t quite there yet.

Super Metroid; I mean, for 30p what can you ask for? I forgot the EU version had German and French subtitles but overall, it’s a very well optimised version of arguably one of the Super Nintendo’s finest adventures. And it can be picked up on the eShop this month for thirty pence. At £5.49 it would be a decent buy, at thirty pence it’s frankly borderline theft. Brilliant classic game.

On the upside, I’ve had a lot more sleep this past week thanks to a new bed. Which turns out was a very good move, as it’s very comfortable and warm and lovely. My old bed I’ve had for umpteen years and whilst the mattress was new, the base was not, so this whole unit just made sense and I am now getting a decent nights sleep for the first time in… well, months, probably. Not that I’m above subjecting myself to the odd night of sleep deprivation because I’m being egged on by others to stay for “five more minutes”, but either way, new bed is lovely.

Nintendo Direct today was a little bare-bones but it did deliver a series of release dates for games, as well as revealing that Sega and Nintendo are working together on a new Sonic game. Hopefully with Nintendo in the picture, this might end up a very good thing. Heck knows Sonic needs some attention at the moment, and if Nintendo can put their few pennies worth in, Sonic: The Lost Lands may turn out to be very interesting. But we shall see. We go through this every time there’s a new Sonic game revealed and we need to stop hoping the next attempt is better than the last.

This weekend, I’m just going to try and get more sleep. I know that sounds very boring but sleep is very important and if I have to “rest”, I’ll do it with my eyes closed this time.

And hopefully next week I’ll feel more upbeat.

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