July 3, 2022

KOGBlog – 18-05-2013; Can’t Escape Nintendo…

It’s been one of those moments where you can’t really escape a company. And right now, that company is Nintendo.

Not all the hate justified, but still it means that all there has been lately is Nintendo struggling and it’s kind of a big deal. Except, of course, Nintendo aren’t. The 3DS is going like the clappers and the Wii-U is it’s sorry big brother. The Wii-U has been getting itself into trouble for not being talented enough, handsome enough, happy enough. But then, that’s kind of the problem.

I see many calling it “Nintendo’s Dreamcast”. Don’t be stupid. Sega killed the Dreamcast long before the Dreamcast had even been conceived; a decade of problems and debts piling up, from every arm of its business, culminating just at the moment the Dreamcast was about to actually really strike at the market. Not only that, the Dreamcast was aesthetically gorgeous to boot, not something I can say about the admittedly rather dull-looking Wii-U. The Wii at least had angles and shape. The Wii-U… doesn’t.

If you want an insult, how about you go through Nintendo’s back catalogue and nab the Virtual Boy again? Just saying…

Anyway, tonight is Eurovision, which I am going to try and avoid like the plague but inevitably fail at, then play some Terraria (I’m starting again, oh joy…). And then I will rest my hand. Fortunately, the hand is moving better today, although the top bit where the wound is is still rather sore to the touch, but then, that’s not exactly a surprise. Hopefully it’s had some exercise today running around the keyboard to actually get the blood pumping underneath it. It’s been an odd day, and I can’t quite escape Nintendo. They do seem to be everywhere at the moment, and not always in the nicest way either. But hey. No publicity is bad publicity, I suppose, as long as we’re talking about it we can assume it’s still somewhat alive.

We’ll have to wait a few more weeks until the pre-E3 Nintendo Direct to see more of what is to come. Which is great – except, no-one has the patience to wait that long.

Hopefully it’ll be worth it, because woe betide Nintendo if they don’t deliver…


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