KOGBlog 29-05-2013; Oooh, Ouya!

So yes, my Ouya is here. Actually, it arrived not ten minutes ago – although I had to pay another £16 import duty on it. Which is never fun.

However, it has been paid and my my my, it’s a classy little affair. Unopened, it’s a sleek, small black box that is as unassuming as you could muster. A subtle shiny black “Ouya” sits in the middle of the matte black, stylish and slick. Considering I do have a few of my other boxes – Wii U one is still in the back somewhere – I may end up doing a proper comparison this weekend. It’s a nice box! I’m sorry, but packaging is important, the first thing you see is the box and when it looks classy, you feel classy. The bright yellow PlayStation 2 boxes didn’t feel classy. Sorry, but they just didn’t!

Anyway, with that machine due to be unpackaged later (I’ll take some photos on my phone!), some other bits and pieces.

First, Resident Evil: Revelations HD. I will have more to say tomorrow, but considering the huge amount of love I have for the 3DS version, let’s just say that the shift into full-screen HD hasn’t been as smooth as I’d expected. It’s a bit of a shame, but notable in significance. It’s an example that some games really are designed for certain machines, and the 10-15 minute bitesized episodic nature of Revelations and the constant save prompting is demonstrative of a game intrinsically designed for a handheld portable power-hungry experience. In HD, the main game format doesn’t quite translate. Fortunately, Raid Mode is fantastic, although really I must say I would have expected them to have done far, far more. Maybe this is just that the Raid Mode is for my money the main experience in Revelations, with the normal game a pleasing but ultimately safe distraction to generate free points to spend inside the Raid Mode shop.

Secondly. new Sonic means a new Sonic Cycle and as I said, I keep getting on the emotional roller-coaster. It’s part of the fun and the charm and the experience, and if some people roll their eyes at that, I feel sorry for them. The highs and lows have for many become an intrinsic component in a new Sonic reveal , and without it… well, something is just missing. When so many PR campaigns and reveals are safe and overtly corporate in style, there’s a pleasure and a joy in something as primal and inexplicable as the Sonic Cycle. But that’s me, of course, and I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to traditions. I like to respect them and partake of them when I can.

Lastly, E3 is not two weeks away and I’m guessing the next couple of weeks will largely be focused on that. E3 is kind of like Christmas for Gamers, and I can’t actually wait. Mostly because Nintendo has a bunch of games to show seeing as they’re out the end of the year, Sony has a console to show because they absent-mindedly forgot earlier this year and Microsoft… well, they’ve got one hell of a hole to pull themselves out of. And they’re going to have to have some seriously impressive games to show to counter the public outcry over the last week and a bit.

But the great thing about E3 is you never really know what the star of the show will be. And I’m eager to see if another Watch_Dogs turns up this year.

Anyway, other than those things, I am well – although my sleep pattern has been teabagged into the middle of next week somehow. I will try and get it back on course over the coming days. So update times may be sporadic. I will do them though!

Have fun, and thanks for stopping by,


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