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KOGBlog 28-06-2013: Yeah, I’ve Had Problems.

Yes. The site has been up and down. I apologise. I’ve struggled to get anything done, and a couple of bits I was working on ended up not getting saved. So I’m kind of cheesed off, and will take stock over the weekend. Sorry if you were expecting anything today, but I’m trying to make […]

The Last Of Us

Ellie of a ride…

Emulation: Ouya, That Hurts…

Sorry Nightmare Creatures. Next week. I love you.

KOGBlog 25-06-2013: Nightmare Creatures!

I couldn’t finish writing anything in time. I’m sorry. So I just tweaked the Bonus Round from the weekend. I probably should have left that for Monday. D’oh. Anyway, tomorrow’s soapbox will be an issue that thrilled me today; Nightmare Creatures. I thought I was alone in liking this game as historically it got one […]

KOGBlog 24-06-2013: The Last of The Last Of Us.

So yeah, I’m still playing this game. And Super Luigi U, which will culminate in a strange and mythical double-review this week. Ooh-err. Anyway, quiet day today and with a visit from a therapist today, I’ve obviously not had the time to sit down and write anything. If I do get something up today it’ll […]

Bonus Round: The Minefield of Microsoft’s DRM Maze.

Class is now in session.

SFTW – That Insidious Lack of Care.

The second hand market speaks volumes…

The XBO DRM Change; Why It Matters.

Replacing today’s scheduled review so I can go back and replay The Last Of Us…

XBox One… Eighty: The DRM U-Turn.

It’s official.

Lady Hunk. A New DLC Low?

No, seriously Capcom, you thought this was a good idea huh?

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