KOGBBlog 1-06-2013: Cleaning up the blog.

Okay, I’ve been cleaning up the blog. Some things to note;

1. Some of my Private Posts were made public posts when I changed the layout earlier this year. This meant some of them, which were NSFW, had slipped under my radar and were viewable to all, fortunately only a view or two but still. I have assigned most of them back to where they belong, things I never intended to publish because they were either too risqué, or just stupid. I am pretty open though, so if anyone is wondering what went missing I am happy to answer questions. Nothing illegal was done, just musings and opinions I knocked out for some arbitrary and stupid reason and forgot were buried in my blog somewhere. They weren’t really gaming-related and I never intended them for publishing. No cover up intended or implied.

2. Cleaning up some dead links. Websites die from time to time. I’m going through some posts where links are being reported as dead and seeing if I can’t find active pages with similar material.

3. I’m going to take some of the more frequently-visited older blog posts and add header images where possible and reassign categories where applicable. It’s just for neatness.

Right, with that out of the way…

* It appears that the legend of the E.T. Atari games being buried may have some basis, as they are being dug up for museum purposes. What the hole is filled back up with I do not know… crushed-up copies of Aliens: Colonial Marines?

* Seems that Shadow of the Eternals may not reach its funding goal, forcing the studio back to considering a publisher. Frankly, I’d rather like to ask why this wasn’t the first port of call for the studio but my guess is that Denis Dyack wanted to do an Eternal Darkness spin-off and the only publisher he’d get for that legally is Nintendo. And I think he napalmed those bridges a while ago…

* Valve are saying their socially-prompted temporary “bans” on DOTA2 players are a success. To ban; to withhold, restrict or retard in some way. To suspend; to delay, or postpone, usually for a period of time. I always thought a ban was the permanent one and a suspension was the temporary one. But hey, what do I know? I only studied English…

* Blizzard’s Titan MMO has been scaled down and delayed. Not surprised. Just… don’t make this another DNF, please.

* Oh, and I missed it this week – Curiosity is over! The winner received a video of Peter Molyneux telling him he would be the god in Godus for a while and take some of the project earnings. Cue later retractions and reports that this would be for a matter of a couple of weeks and it was a figurative prize. Peter Molyneux, over-promising and under-delivering? No, say it isn’t so!

Anyway, with that, this weekend I’m going to settle down and drink tea, fiddle with the blog settings a little more and generally relax. I should be playing The Last of Us demo, but I kinda figured I want to play the full game sans-spoilers. So I won’t be. I’ll probably spend more time looking around the Ouya marketplace. And drinking more tea.

Take care and regular stuff continues on Monday!

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