July 3, 2022

KOGBlog 03-06-2013: Monday’s post… Tuesday.

Hey, just a brief blog post.

I woke up over the weekend with some more serious stiffness in my right shoulder. It’s more muscle spasms – it’s affecting that side of my body, including a stiff neck and an almost locked-rigid shoulder. Unfortunately there’s not much I can do but let it slide, but it’s distracting and has made sleeping a little more of a challenge than usual. Not that sleeping is usually the easiest thing for me – but it’s a complication I could quite well do without.

So, unable to focus right now, I’m going to do today’s usual post… tomorrow. Considering it’s E3 next week, I suspect it will have something to do with that. But I don’t know, considering my head can’t focus on a topic right now and it thought watching The Cell via On Demand Movies was a brilliant idea. Probably not the most sane day to be considering doing anything at all.

So I’m going to detach, bail for now and come back with something tomorrow. Hopefully a little less stiff and a little less sore.

And a lot more focused. Was Vince Vaughn a straight actor first or a comic actor first?

Sorry. Don’t answer that.

Totally rhetorical.


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