KOG LiveBlog – Microsoft E3 Presentation 2013

Begins at 1 PM Eastern / 10 AM Pacific /5 PM GMT.

Okay, prepping the LiveBlog function again. Today kicks off the main bulk of the E3 conferences, or rather the main ones. Microsoft is first out of the gates this time around. Can Microsoft make up for that dreadful reveal? Will there be any apologies whatsoever? And will they spike our drinks again so we imagine Usher on stage doing a performance? All these questions and more should be answered later.

Note; Those of you who are wondering where the better feed is, I’d suggest trying the official XBox.com Feed. If it for some strange reason flumps out (which it shouldn’t, this is Microsoft and if this fails that’s a whole carton of eggs on their faces!) I will put up alternative links.


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3 Responses to “KOG LiveBlog – Microsoft E3 Presentation 2013”

  1. dap005 says:

    Some very interesting games announced. Though the hate is still there what with the whole console being consumer unfriendly and all. Sometimes I really don't understand how Microsoft the pioneers and creators of PC (the most open platform out there) would make such a closed console. Microsoft used to represent the most innovative and advanced name in the digital industry; I know they're a corporation but even the big guns needs stable company philosophies.

    For once I wish the Xbox one was just a xbox 360 with upgraded graphics and nothing else. Well at least Rare's not just making another sports game (they're making killer instinct on top of a sports game!) for kinect anymore. I don't know if Britain's most acclaimed studio will ever return to their old glory but darn am I hopeful.

    That line though during the killer instinct game demo…yeah I agree some things should never be said on stage.

    • KamiOnGames says:

      I enjoyed the games somewhat, it's just nothing much jumped out at me. Killer Instinct you could see was VERY early work in progress, there was bugger all detail on Saberwulf really and he looked so horribly generic. Also, not much specials and jumpy combos. Considering Killer Instinct is the game that pretty much popularised the combo in fighting games, jumpy isn't gonna cut it!

      Sad though the console is very closed off. I think there's potential there but considering their excessively punitive DRM measures, coupled with the $500 price point, may be a step too far for most people. It doesn't mean they will falter – look how far Sony have come after the disastrous PS3 launch, after all. Microsoft will have many chances down the road to loosen their grip and relax their attitudes, and I suspect they will have to if they ultimately want to seed the machine into peoples homes.

      For all the negativity, there's a serious train of thought that Microsoft may end up having to bend over backwards to appease the consumer base which it has so wildly missed so far. And that has the potential to be very good for us down the road. We saw it this generation as the balance shifted between Sony and Microsoft, as the PS+ service came to fruition and Sony invested in more self-created IP. No, the XBox One may not be a day-one purchase, but they have the ability down the line to do a U-Turn if that is required. I haven't heard anything yet that suggests any of this is hardware side, just cloud-based. It could be very easily undone, although one can argue the release of a new console is NOT the best time to be testing to see if we'll tolerate such aggressive DRM and anti-consumer attitudes.

      But aside the hosts who had all the charm of a piece of dog poo on a wedding cake, the games were inoffensive. Predictable, safe, but not bad.

  2. dap005 says:

    http://www.blisteredthumbs.net/2013/06/killer-ins… Oh no seriously, this better not destroy the game's design….

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