July 3, 2022

KOGBlog 24-06-2013: The Last of The Last Of Us.

So yeah, I’m still playing this game.

And Super Luigi U, which will culminate in a strange and mythical double-review this week. Ooh-err.

Anyway, quiet day today and with a visit from a therapist today, I’ve obviously not had the time to sit down and write anything. If I do get something up today it’ll be very late, if not then it’ll be tomorrow. That’s just how it is, life just gets in the way sometimes. Good job this isn’t a commercial site or I’d have a job justifying all the delays and days off for hospital visits, doctors appointments and general “Blurgh make the nasty sun go away!” days. Plus the moments my leg just decides to have a tantrum. It’s always awkward when you joke about them lopping the damn thing off and you realise that it’d probably make life a hell of a lot easier…

Anyway, last week – plan. This week – absolutely no plan whatsoever. Really. I have no idea what to do this week. I’d talk about George Lucas, and his comment that games are waiting on a “Titanic” story but he largely discredited himself a long time ago, let alone suggesting “Titanic” had a story worth emulating digitally. Best to let that one eat itself. No point smacking that dead horse. Also, avoiding the Ellen Page thing because I’d then veer into David “I Have No Emotion” Cage. I swear the guy is either a cyborg, or has digitally uploaded his emotion to a computer leaving behind nothing but a cold, soulless husk. Actually, both of those make him sound WAAAAAY more awesome than he probably really is, so scratch that.

All that said, I have loved The Last Of Us. Admittedly, it’s allotment of “F***s” is a bit on the abnormal side – Ellie and Joel swear so much that it makes a game like GTA look like Disneyland Paris. But aside from that niggle – it’s rare that I play a game with such a great story. It’s a shame the pace veers so wildly towards the end, and you can’t actually stealth properly any more meaning if you invested in anything but weapon sway and health increases you are an idiot ha ha ha ha ha,  but it’s been nice. I think it’s obvious this isn’t going to get a ten because as I’ve pointed out, if I think a problem is a problem, then you can’t get a ten from my heart. And The Last Of Us, make no mistake, has problems. Huge, gaping problems that are insurmountable at best. Which I will detail later this week. I do like the game though! I did say that, right?

So, for now, I will skedaddle off and think a little more. I’ll either have something up really late, or really early tomorrow morning.

Take care for now!


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