July 3, 2022

KOGBlog 25-06-2013: Nightmare Creatures!

I couldn’t finish writing anything in time. I’m sorry. So I just tweaked the Bonus Round from the weekend. I probably should have left that for Monday. D’oh.

Anyway, tomorrow’s soapbox will be an issue that thrilled me today; Nightmare Creatures. I thought I was alone in liking this game as historically it got one hell of a critical mauling. However, I really liked it and today I found out I wasn’t alone. With the new PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 sounding like a spiritual successor to the long-dead property, I tentatively mentioned the comparison thinking that I was going to be mauled to hell. Turns out I wasn’t, and people began to talk about this long-forgotten game, it’s eerie, melancholic music, the dark and oppressive atmosphere, the structure of the game.

It took me by surprise. I need to find the words yet, but I was floored by the realisation that I was not alone in liking the game, and hoping to see someone carry on the torch.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m going to go wheel myself over to the counter, get some food and play some old trashy games in the true spirit of Nightmare Creatures.

If only it was on EU PSN. I’d download it. Sony, why do you not want my money on this one?


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