KOGBlog 08-07-2013: Slight delay!

Hey all.

I’m off for a check-up today, so I am not going to get much time to get anything done, so something might be up either very very late or, more likely, tomorrow. I probably won’t feel like much after hauling myself about the place so will likely hit the bed when I get back inside and try to get my sleep pattern to some semblance of normal. Tiredness is not conducive to creativity. That much I know.

Anyway, woke up this morning to hear that Aliens: Colonial Marines is getting it’s last season pass DLC. Really, this sounds more like a legal obligation than anything else. It still amused me though, the horse is so thoroughly dead at this point it seems almost excessive. Still, at least they’re fulfilling a legal obligation. Pity they didn’t take the quality of the game that seriously but… you know.

Anyway, I’ll keep this short as I’m out the door in a short while, so will be back with something when I’m done and rested.

This is the point I start wishing for something big to happen so I can do something on it, otherwise I might have to go and finish an old draft…

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