July 3, 2022

KOGBlog 16-07-2013: I’m alive, honest!

Yes, I am up and about today.

I wasn’t at all expecting to be hit as hard as I was by this virusy thing. I still can’t really talk – still very hoarse – and I still feel both hot and cold at the same time, but the worst of it seems to have passed a little and I am up today, drinking some heavily-honeyed lemon tea and currently having a very light vegetable and noodle soup. I will spare you the gory details. Let’s just say I’ve had a horrible weekend.

So I am going to take another day or two away and get over this. I should be back this coming Monday – the 22nd – with some stuff.

It’ll be fun to catch up the next few days with what has been going on. If somehow the mood takes me and my brain kicks into life, something might creep out between now and Monday. But I’d rather focus on getting myself completely fixed up and back to normal right now.

I apologise again if you’re expecting anything new, but heck, plenty of stuff to read here in the meantime. I’ll focus on the recovery for now.

Take care of yourselves in this heat people. Uncle Kami would be sad if you passed out… 🙁


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