KOGBlog 29-07-2013; Something Like Normal

Okay, my head is feeling much better at the moment.

On the downside, today’s piece may be a little late, if not tomorrow, because I need to hunt down some links. I had a pretty sleepy weekend again, but today saw me up a little earlier than usual and getting myself back into the swing of things. It’s also been raining and we’ve had a few thunderstorms, which is kind of awesome and welcome after the intense heat we’ve had the last few weeks. Perhaps not the best time; the kids summer holidays are just starting and the weather is having a merry little tease over the millions of little ‘uns who were expecting a summer of sun and fun. But still, lovely.

Anyway, will be getting back to normal over the next week or so. Or something like it.

First, I’m planning a blog redesign again. Nothing extreme, but removing some things like the daily restrictions and such forth. I don’t think I will change the design completely but you never know, I might fall in love with a design and want it all for my own. I have no idea.

Secondly, congratulations to Nintendo for getting its first Wii U exclusive charting game; Pikmin 3 hits the #2 slot, held off the top only by the 360 boxed release of Minecraft. It’s a start and it shows that plenty of people are buying Wii U games. Which is good to see!

Thirdly, I won’t be talking about Prince George. This is not Hello Magazine. You may be shocked but as British as I am, I think a baby should be a private affair for bonding and stuff.

What am I writing right now? About design advances, and how they have changed games for better – and worse. With World of Warcraft subs dropping, everyone reckons the game is easier but really, is it? I remember the new raids being quite a challenge when I was tanking, avoiding Devastating Strikes took some learning and Elegon Heroic wasn’t exactly tea and crumpets. I suppose it depends how you define easy of course; and it’s hard to please consumers these days when they are trapped between nostalgia and modern convenience. But that should be up later today or tomorrow. Need to write it.

Anyway, with that, I’m off to get a nice hot cup of tea. Trying this new-fangled Instant Tea. It’s quite nice. Also means don’t have to wait for teabags to cool down before they go in the bin.

Sure, it’s not as strong as I’d prefer, but that’s convenience for you…

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