KOGBlog; Getting Back Into It

Also; thinking about “The Kami’s”.

 Please Stand By. The Emergency Broadcast System is about to be used as a header image. There is no need for alarm.

It’s been a rough few months with me having to rapidly readjust to a whole new way of life.

It’s not just the extra medication; it’s the pain, the constant worry that every scratch is a potential sore, every sniffle a potential week laid out in bed, unable to move. When your immune system is compromised, it’s making sure everything is CLEAN. And I mean everything. I even take gel cleaner when I do go out now, to make sure that I – and others – don’t contaminate anything. But, for the most part, I’m out of the woods for now. Just need to be checked over regularly and keep doing the same thing and I can more or less get back to normal. Well, as normal as things can be when you

Which means – hello blog! It’s been a few months of sadness, but with life settled for the moment and myself feeling somewhat perkier than I have done, I’m getting back into it. Or rather, will do. 2014 is a whole new year, and I plan to mark it in with a new-look blog. Something a little less… vast. But we’ll see. I’ve always quite liked this design. I was never one for OTT stuff.

But still, besides a new start in the new year, that leaves one thing left for 2013… the third annual Kami’s!

Now, last year there was some sharing involved so actually I was kinda happy for that. Still, the “disappointing” category ruffled a few feathers; people don’t quite get the concept that disappointing doesn’t always equate to terrible, just that you felt somehow disappointed by something. It can be perfectly good, really. That said, I’m leaving it out this year. Disappointing just means it won’t show on the list. Seems like the fairest way of doing it.

So, that leaves me with four posts; the Top and Bottom 10’s will come close to the new year. Easy enough.

The other two will be the Top 10 Games of The Last Gen, and the Worst 10 Games of The Last Gen. And this is definitely more of a challenge. Because whilst this year has been a ripe old year for videogames – if I tell you that Ride to Hell is currently not the worst game of the year so far, you’ll come to some kind of realisation of just how awful it has been – I think we’ve had worse. Really, we’ve had some terrible games in the last few years; Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale was just appallingly awful. We had the Double Dragon 2 ‘remake’ that frankly just took a massive dump on our childhood memories. Hannah Montana: The Movie, just because the animation in it looked like Miley had piles. And we can’t forget such Kinect classics like Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor and Fighter’s Instinct. And heaven knows we’ve tried. We really have. When you get a little perspective; this year had a lot of crap. But we’ve had worse crap over the last few years. It’s just when so many condense their crap into one year, you can be forgiven for thinking that any generational worst must come from this year.

It might yet. The lists are still in contention. And we’ve got a couple more weeks left!

Anyway, there will probably be a few more posts before the new year;

* I want to talk about the controllers. I’ve now used all three major consoles. And the controllers are… worth looking at, really.
* I want to talk about the Wii U. Again. Because I think this Christmas, it’s worth a look!
* I also want to talk about storage. 500GB simply isn’t enough for the PS4. And I’m going to compare it to the bad old days of cartridge-based media!

And possibly some other stuff I haven’t yet thought of, but will probably happen anyway.

I’ll be back in a few days to do something and draw up a new schedule for the new year, something that ensures I can do exercises and stuff that I have to do, but have time to game, get treatment and do some typing. It’s just readjusting life around things that have to be done, and things you want to do and enjoy doing but aren’t quite as important.

Anyway, I’ll be back soon. Will be getting this train back on the tracks!

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