Merry Christmas! And now for a funny.

A short but delightfully awesome little thing that happened.

Happy Christmas all. Hope you had a great one!

So, you may know that the UK Government made it so that UK ISP’s have to have porn filters. Presumably because they believe that teenage boys cannot control themselves for five minutes without wanting to see boobs and thighs (which can be very easily seen, viewed and enjoyed via many music videos on YouTube, incidentally! Oh noes, how ever will we regulate Rihanna’s newest video?!).

But as is the way of things, the Internet quickly finds ways to get around such arbitrary filters; within a day, there were Chrome extensions that rendered the filters entirely pointless. It also doesn’t apply to many of us who haven’t actually set up a new or refreshed contract yet; we’ll have to wait until the middle of 2014 before we get our turn to be frustrated. As it turns out though, the filters also deny access to a lot of very legitimate, important websites too that are in no way affiliated with pornography; as reported by The Independent.

These websites include the National Library (I suppose there may be some hardcore Victorian pornography stashed in the basement somewhere… if bloomers and stern, matronly women are your thing!), Gay Rights Groups (I’m not touching that one with a thousand-foot barge pole with lions strapped to the other end!), Domestic Abuse Shelters and child protection charities. All terrible things to lock away behind a filter; reminding us that you can’t actually base your filter to just ban everything that has the words “Sex” and “Pornography”. Oh whoops! I guess the filters will block my blog out! Haha. What a shame!

But the true joke in all of this is as follows;

The opt-in filters also deny access to the Parliament and Government websites and the sites of politicians, including Claire Perry, the MP who has campaigned prominently for the introduction of filters.

I guess all that campaigning, and using those scary words, has ensured her own fate under such draconian filtering; hoisted by her own petard, as it were. And the government too? Well, let’s be fair, they are a bunch of doorknobs and wallies, so there may be something to be said about these filters.

It’s just brilliant to see the fallout of such things not being what they expected; and it teaches us all a very important lesson. Complex problems require intelligent solutions; not a quickly knocked-together filter that only looks for a few key words before deciding if it is ‘safe’.

And let’s be honest; many video game websites and official promotional pages would end up being filtered. Bayonetta 2, anyone?

Regardless, have a great time. See you on Friday!

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