Archive for February, 2014

UbiSoft and the Wii U; Subterfuge and Missed Opportunities.

Hindsight is always 20/20, so bear this in mind as I dissect this thorny little issue.

The Dusty Controller; Waiting For Games.

As Sony hit 5.2 million PS4 sales, I’m still waiting for that killer game…

Nintendo’s Virtual Console – It’s Doing It All Wrong!

Yes, I’m about to drop a heaping heapful of criticism on Nintendo! Run away! RUN AWAAAAAY!

2014; A Tough Year Ahead For Consoles.

Some analysis of all the consoles for the coming year ahead.

KOGBlog; So Much Stuff!

Oh dear, where do I even begin…

Games Droughts and Overstaturation.

Sometimes less can be so much more…

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