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Concrete Block. What?

Game Journos, Skill And Specialising.

Well, back to game reviewers again. At least this time I do so with a wry smile…

What I’m Expecting From E3 2016.

I can boil my expectations down to two words.

Brace For Delays! The New Consoles Are Coming!

I think deep down we all knew this was going to happen, but still… it’s a bit of a pain.

NX, Neo and Tokyo Game Show.

With word that both of these new consoles will miss E3 and likely make their first showing at TGS, here’s my two cents.

Nintendo Should Keep the NX Name.

It seems like a stupid thing to say, but seriously, with talk of it being just a codename – why not just “Nintendo NX?”

Progress Is Not A Straight Line.

Never dismiss or completely disregard what has come before; it may yet have its time to shine…

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