July 3, 2022

Yup, New Look. New Name. New Topics. Same Idiot.


Welcome to kogblogged.com!

Well, it’s not a new blog – actually I’ve just recycled my old one with a new look and a fresh name. It’s the best I could do on a whim, and I’ll probably be tinkering with colours and images (and logos) in the coming weeks just until I’m either satisfied with what I’ve got – yeah, I don’t think that’s going to happen – or I’m just sick of playing around in Gimp, CSS and PHP, which is far more likely. Seriously, I’ve lost a lot of love for this stuff over the years.

But if you’ve been here before, chances are you’re confused.

My mission statement for KamiOnGames was, for the most part, to talk about video games. Games I liked, games I wanted, games I hated and all that sort of thing. It doesn’t take a person with much intellect to realise that, for a long damn time, most of what I was talking about – and researching, you know, journalism stuff games journalists – had more to do with the games industry and the business surrounding it. It’s sort of, maybe, if you want to stretch things, gaming related. But I feel I’ve stretched that as far as can be done by this point, and it’s time to drop the pretense if I’m not actually going to talk much about actual honest-to-goodness video games.

As a result, I’ve also decided to unleash my inner critic/cynic a little more.

So, I won’t just be tackling the video game market. Any topic I want to talk about – I will. Anything that I think is interesting will be looked at very closely. Movies, music, politics even – I’m going to cover whatever the heck I please. I will of course try to be sensible, but those of an easily offended nature might find these changes a little too bold and sweeping. I won’t be censoring my viewpoints and that does mean that there might be a little (or a lot) more vulgar language creeping to the surface. I think my “Lovecraftian Deity Doing Something” joke has earned a little vacation with Cthulu himself.

I’m going to start slow and build up. The aim is at least one post a day, as I used to do way back in 2012 and 2013. If things start moving and I can pick up more pace, I will, but do note that I am disabled and pretty seriously ill so I will have downtime moments for hospital stays (though I suppose with a laptop in the bedroom, that may not be an excuse any more). If I can in such instances, I can always set up for something to auto-post across the few days I’m away. Yay technology!

This is all pretty boring stuff though. Rebrand, reinvention, refresh, reinvigorated, revitalised, rebooted. I’m eager to see where this road takes me, and I hope you’ll come back.



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