June 29, 2022

Quick Post; Lists and End of Year Stuff.


So I’m busy beavering away on my Worst Games of 2017 list, and yeah, it’s not fun.

The reason it hasn’t been fun is because there’s a LOT of games to consider this year – more than in any year I’ve been blogging, so well done 2017. You are officially the absolute worst year I’ve encountered for video games in a decade. Be ‘proud’ of such an accomplishment! I doubt we’ll see anything like this year again for another decade or so. Anyway, sarcasm aside – trying to choose between now thirty-one candidates is a nightmare and I realised a couple days ago that objectively, I am liable to keep switching things around even up to the day if I don’t have a solid system in place.

So, I took time off from terrible video games to come up with that system.

What’s changed?

I’ve changed my end of year methodology to a points-based system that will apply to ALL games on the list (this also helps for future lists where all you need to do is adjust point scores as and when necessary). Each game on this years list – and future years – will be scored between 0 and 5 points on the following scales;

GAMEPLAY – Is the game fun to play? Interesting? Too easy or perhaps too frustrating?
CONTENT – How much game is there? Is extra content worth the extra money?
TECHNICAL – How was the game technically? Stable games win. Buggy games lose.
BUSINESS – Was the business model behind it noble, or shady as shady can be?
PERSONAL – How much did I like it?

With this system, the maximum a game can score is 25 points, and the least a game can score is of course zero. This as you can tell will also cover future Best Games of the Year list too, yay for killing two birds with one stone!

Anyway, as a result – the less a game scores, the worse I think it is and whilst there’s a lot of games that could score 0 in the Business end of things this year, some games were at least more serviceable in other categories, so this sorts the wheat from the chaff.

How the lists will look now

#RANK GAME NAME (Platform, Publisher)
Gameplay / Extras / Technical / Business / Annoyance – Total Score
Quick byline of my thoughts.


Body Text of my overall thoughts on the game and its rank.

What if games share a score?

I don’t want to share positions unless absolutely necessary, so in the case of a numerical score tie I will consider the actual scores in the list.

Meaning – personal annoyance will play a strong role, so the lowest score wins (if Game A has a 2 and Game B has a 1 in the Personal Score, Game B will be considered worse than Game A – vice versa for Best lists, if Game C has a score of 3 and Game D has a score of 4, Game D will be considered better than Game C).

If both scores are the same – I will go back one step to the Business category and use those numbers. And so on until there’s an actual winner.

If two games share absolutely identical scores – only then will they actually share a position on a list.

What of “Honorable/Dishonorable Mentions”?

With this list, I will make sure games shortlisted for my end-of-year rank will be published alongside their actual scores. I think this is a good way of doing things because ultimately it keeps the floor nice and clean and open and people can just take away from that as they will.

Why isn’t (Game Name) on the list?

Either I didn’t play it (which is the more likely) or it just passed me by somehow (just as likely). In rare instances stuff is either easily avoided or buried/removed from sale. In such cases I am inclined to dismiss that game as a potential candidate. To get on the worst list especially you have to be pretty ‘special’ in your terribleness.

So when do the lists go “live?”

The lists will be finished on the 31st December 2017. But seeing as I have familial commitments for the New Year, I automate the publishing of each list so the Worst List will go live on the 1st January 2018 and the Best List will go live on the 2nd January 2018. Hopefully I’ll be back on the 3rd to do an end-of-year breakdown which has to be done considering how wild 2017 ended up being.

Can I use the ranking system?

Of course. I’m not claiming ownership of it or anything. It’s just a points-based system and those have existed for centuries, surely?

Will anything happen over Xmas?

Probably not. I’ve got games to play, siblings to placate and personal slightly OCD quirks to get a handle on over the Season. That or I will just be sleeping through it, considering how little happens over the next ten days or so that’s usually a nice time to catch up on lost z’s. IF something big happens – sure, I’ll throw up something for that. But unless EA collapses or something, chances are things will be nice and quiet and shh as Bjork would say.

Final words for 2017?

Thanks for another year of putting up with this blog, with me and my thoughts. I wish you all a very, very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year where hopefully companies in the Games Industry will treat us all with a modicum more respect than they have this year.

Don’t get too drunk, stay safe and I’ll see you in the New Year!


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