July 27, 2021

So, about that RE2Make “Leak” Thing.


So, this week saw the 20th Anniversary of Resident Evil 2 and with no news on the Remake forthcoming from Capcom, the Internet is awash with conspiracy theories and “leaks”. The latter being why I’m blogging this time.

One of my buddies asked me what I thought of the recent 4Chan “leak” and considering talking has become very hard for me for reasons, I’m going to just write down my thoughts on these supposed changes and whether I think they’re good or not. Oh, and as an FYI for fans – Shinji Mikami no longer works for Capcom. Stop harassing him over any potential or pretend changes that have yet to be confirmed or showcased. The man has better things to do with his day than deal with your whiney asses. Got that? Good. Goddamn I’ve grown to hate Twitter and Social Media over the years…

Oh, original source for my image comes from Rely On Horror. Who have their own thoughts, so you could check them out too.

And remember – take this with a grain of salt because nothing is official yet. I’m just knocking down my thoughts on this in particular.

RE2make is OTS, mix of Rev 2 and RE4. Can aim and move while shooting but no crouching.

It’s 2018 and this is not a surprise. The Over-the Shoulder camera has become a staple of video games and particularly horror gaming, and expecting a return to the fixed camera perspective was a fruitless endeavour. It’s not that such a system is terrible – but gamers have grown accustomed to having some control over their aiming, and Capcom may have lots of Resident Evil fans out there but there are a lot more people who’ll want something with a little more accuracy.

Let’s not forget that the team working on this is comprised of a bunch of people who worked on the Resident Evil 2: Reborn fan remake that got cancelled (think it was that project, there have been so many…) – largely because Capcom said hey, come over here and we’ll pay you for your work. So not “cancelled”, more “made official”. The atmosphere and camera in that back in 2015 was gorgeous, so I’m not entirely sure why anyone would be upset. These guys already showed they’ve got a real appreciation for the game, an eye on beautiful detail and dripping atmospherics and a very solid idea on where and what to do and go with in a remake.

Aim and move? Again, this has become a staple. The no-crouching thing I can maybe understand too. Resident Evil 2 never needed crouching – it’s taking part in tight corridors and stuff. Maybe there’ll be a sequence or two where Leon or Claire squeeze through some questionable hole in the wall (Sherry absolutely will) but crouching isn’t necessary. It was only a thing in Rev 2 because of the Crouch Power perk, and it’d be nice to leave that nonsense behind.

They tried both Fixed and FPS but it didn’t work out.

I can believe this. Fixed would mean going back to an inaccurate gun game which whilst nostalgic is not what modern gamers want. And after Resident Evil 7… yeah, I kind of want them to go away from that with Resident Evil now. They tried it, and with the fact the games price for the Gold Edition is crashing so badly right now… I don’t think it’s surviving the long haul. Which is fine for an experimental indie horror game like Lethe, or Unforgiving or even Amnesia because they were cheap, but Resident Evil 7 was expensive as well as experimental… it didn’t work, is what I’m saying (and also, play more indie horror games to appreciate just how far behind Resident Evil 7 was…).

We’re back with an over-the-shoulder camera and I think with the vision the team had back in 2015 for this project, everything revolved around this kind of camera angle. Plus any additional mercenaries or raid mode would suck in those viewpoints now. Shame they couldn’t make it work as an optional bonus feature, like finish the game on Hard Mode and get “Classic Camera Mode”, but eh. I won’t mourn. Times have changed and a Resident Evil 2 Remake must change with them.

RPD (Raccoon City Police Department) and City is vastly redesigned.

Again, no shock here. Resident Evil 2 may have preceded them, but Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and both Resident Evil: Outbreak games vastly expanded on the location of Raccoon City and the surrounding mythos, lore and canon. It won’t just be that these things are redesigned, but rather that they’ll also have to fit in with those now established games in the Resident Evil Timeline and yes, we’ve been back to the Raccoon City Police Department in Nemesis (the window at the base of the stairs in the RPD will need to be broken, by the way) and in Outbreak, which also expanded on the backstory of good ol’ Marvin Branagh.

Fans may bitch about it now but I guarantee if it ignored now set changes in the timeline, they’d be bitching about that too. Also, remember, this is a REMAKE. It is not the original game; if you want that, you can play that in a number of ways already. This is a modern take on a classic game, in the same way the original Resident Evil: Remake was. And by the way, the original REMake added in a ton of new areas and enemies and hazards. Oh, and Resident Evil Code: Veronica X made massive changes in location and story between its original Dreamcast release and the PlayStation 2 port once the Dreamcast had died.

Don’t pretend for a second this wasn’t expected. Again – REMAKE. Hold that word. Drink it in. Embrace it. Because if you think you know Resident Evil 2, this game is very likely to upend you.

Item Twinkles are back. Just like in the Japanese version of RE2. None of that bullsh*t like in the US Version of RE2.

As someone who lives in the UK, I don’t recall this ever being a problem. Someone might need to correct me on that, but pretty sure twinkles were there for us. If it wasn’t for you US players, I am shocked and appalled. Shocked I say. SHOCKED. Okay, maybe not that shocked. But still moderately shocked.

Only two campaigns. No zapping system. However Leon and Claire interact more because of this.

Yeah, I figured this might be a thing. The B-Sides were bitchin’ and all, but the problem the series had in those early days was a question of which set of campaigns would end up being series canon, and I’m moderately shocked that Resident Evil: Remake didn’t get major tuning because of this (just saying, Rebecca survives with Chris and most of the canon established is in Jill’s playthrough – Barry still goes on about the Jill Sandwich line, for example. They even reference that in Revelations 2!).

Keeping the timeline somewhat consistent now, particularly with so many entries to climb over, is important – particularly if Capcom doesn’t want to do a full series reboot. So Leon and Claire will have their own stories, interact more (which is a good thing from a story standpoint) and presumably each one gets their own unique puzzle progression. This would make it clear that RE2Make is about tidying up the canon as well as updating the game for a modern audience, and I’d dig all of that.

Crocodile was cut from the game.

… ahem. *whistles* *twiddles thumbs* … GOOD!

I’m sorry but that encounter was always stupid. T-Virus makes them larger… yeah? Well how about the fact when the T-Virus infects dogs and birds, it makes zombie versions of them without the increased mass? Hell, Resident Evil Outbreak: File #2 has zombie hyenas, zombie lions, a zombie elephant and oh yes a ZOMBIE ALLIGATOR!

Canonically, that whole thing now would be a -major- point of contention. Not least that it could be killed very easily by luring it back through the storm drain (I think it was anyway) and having it chow down on a conveniently located explosive container – which surely, if it was a zombie or even remotely a crocodile or alligator would not interest it in the slightest. It would be more likely to knock the thing aside on its quest to chow down on Leon/Claire (whoever would get to ‘enjoy’ this fight).

I get it was impressive then, but to be that size the crocodile – which would need to be a zombie crocodile by the way now we’ve got that covered – would need to be in the late stages of the T-Virus mutation, and we all know at that point the crocodile would… well… not look much like a crocodile anymore. Cutting this from the game is an outright necessity at this point, because so much about it makes no goddamned sense. Particularly the whole, “Oh look there’s Sherry oh look here’s a giant man-eating crocodile that somehow managed to fit into this tiny filter room.” The room is too small and Sherry would have been well on her way down that things digestive tract before Claire could even get down into the sewer system.

The crocodile thing is and was just abject stupidity and I can only speak for me, but it wouldn’t be missed.

Sherry is playable still but can actually defend herself this time, much like Natalia.

Fine with this. The Sherry segment was just a little too much of a nothing-burger even at the time, almost a comically silly and short distraction. Making this change suggests Sherry gets a little more to do this time around, and when you consider how important Sherry is to the series as a whole – yeah, giving her a little more time to do something engaging in the game makes sense. Otherwise why bother?

Ada section has been expanded. She even gets different weapons now.

Again, no surprise there. Ada is a fan favourite and more time with The B*tch in the Red Dress is a-okay with me, though try and keep some of the mystery intact. Hopefully this isn’t some massive “Ada Chapters” thing that shows us what she gets up to when not trying to flirt with the totally oblivious Leon S. Kennedy.

No 4th Survivor. Guessing it’s being held for DLC.

Considering Capcom held back multiple things that could have made Resident Evil 7 a more full-featured package to sell them back to us piecemeal, I sadly fear this marks this as someone who knows what’s going on behind the scenes. Hunk is an integral part of the Resident Evil 2 timeline, and his absence would be a profoundly stupid thing to pull off – but hey, here, have it and that’s $9.99 for the privilege. Yup, that sounds like Modern Capcom alright.

…No Tofu

Tofu was a joke mode, a hit box made into a stick of tofu who got eaten in the end by Hunk. It’s like expecting the Alien Endings of Silent Hill to be series canon. You do understand these were jokes, right? Silly bits of humour in schlocky 32-bit horror games? I never expected Tofu to make a return, so I can’t understand why anyone else would think otherwise.

Focus is still on Horror.

I linked to the Reborn project earlier, which was shut down or “transitioned” to something more official. Even in 2015, that fan remake was firmly affixed to the concept of horror, atmospherics and creating an unease and tension with lighting and shadow that was possible with new hardware. Too damn right the focus will be back on horror – Capcom knows that this is the only way to really make this stick. I understand the fear – Resident Evil of late hasn’t been that scary (not even RE7). Hopefully with passionate fans reworking and retooling a classic, there’ll be some genuinely scary and creepy moments. It’s up to you, development team of Resident Evil 2 Remake. Go wild.

Difficulty is like RE7. Normal has auto-save, hard does not.

… I’m just going to say it – Resident Evil 7 wasn’t that hard. Mostly because it was predictable, but still, not a great gauge of measurement in my book. As for the saves – I think the Ink Ribbons will return, because Resident Evil 7 had its cassette tapes, and this covers actual auto-save or to put a big spotlight on it for the terminally oblivious – CHECKPOINTS. And to be fair, on a hard mode, I wouldn’t expect checkpoints. So this is okay with me. Can’t see why this would be controversial or even a thing we couldn’t have already logically assumed through basic common sense.

Costumes are back but a heavy focus on DLC (like RE Zero)…

Ugh, seriously, those Resident Evil Zero costumes were hardly worth the…

… Elza is a planned costume for Claire and is Leon and his 1.5 Gear.

SOLD! SOLD! SOLDY SOLD SOLD! I know it’s not much. I know I’d rather a 5th Survivor with Elza escaping the city. But by Alice Cooper’s impossibly tight ass (what, it still is!) just to see 1.5 half acknowledged in any official capacity would be amazing. And hey, it would suggest Capcom remembered that Elza was meant to be the original protagonist of Resident Evil 2 and they spent a lot of time and money with her leading the promotion. Who knows? We actually might at some point in the future get something that finally addresses Elza Walker.

… as long as Capcom don’t kill her off during the story of Resident Evil 2 Remake. Which is still a high possibility.

You can develop the Rebecca Picture from the trash can and also “something else”.

First up – it was Wesker’s desk. Minor nitpick aside (because I’m like that), the idea of more easter eggs and references would be great to see. I know it is intended as a serious retelling of the classic survival horror game but that doesn’t mean abandoning everything and particularly not when so many games have added to the Raccoon City canon, and especially as we know before the events of Resident Evil 2 occur… Jill Valentine and her adorable eight-foot-mutant stalker have already been through the Police Department. Just getting to see that in the sense of a CCTV video, for example, would be considered worth finding. Easter Eggs are a fun thing for fans to find, and having the temptation of more should keep them playing over and over and agonising over every inch of the game, clicking everything a hundred times or more just for the vague potential something might happen.

What? You know it’s true.

Late 2018 Release Date.

… oh is this supposed to be a surprise? Sorry, let me get the appropriate face on for it. Pretty sure I left it around here somewhere…

Overall – Likely (If only because most of it would be common sense)

Yeah, I don’t always go 100% on these things but the truth is… this is likely, and that’s mostly because of common sense. The Crocodile thing may have been a red flag to some blinkered fans but to me, knowing what we do now thanks to the Outbreak games, that encounter does not make any canonical sense and so its removal would again just be plain-old-common-sense.

It’s a Remake, not a Remaster, so expect big changes and expect the story to at times take a swerve away from what you remember. No talk on a Mercenaries Mode or Raid Mode… I swear Capcom, if you try selling that back to us…

Ahem. But yeah. These things make sense. I mean, if you were going to do a fake leak surely you’d have some fun with it but all of this seems likely and sensible and plausible. It’s actually really really boring as a result of it.

And I managed to stretch it out to 2600 words. WOO! Six hundred over budget, T.

I’ll take that £5 now.


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