September 24, 2021

Quick Thoughts: 26th March 2018.


Okay, sorry about the away time.

There are plenty of reasons why I’m very, very busy right now; first of all, woo yay I won my tribunal and now I can actually get help to go outside (underrated). Also, I can’t get permission to modify the kitchen for wheelchair use – whilst I’m kind of half-heartedly fighting that decision I am aware that I am probably going to have to move at some point in the next six months or so and as a result, I’ve started to box stuff up. I got a new bed – so I’m actually capable of getting a decent nights sleep for the first time in a fairly long time, and I’ve of course had some of those Video Game things to be getting through before Dark Souls Remastered turns up and destroys my life. Again.

There’s also not been much I can make long ranty posts about of late – sure, I’ve flared my nostrils at a few things but in truth I’ve not been that inspired to write at length about anything for a while. I’m sure that will change – E3 is on the way, after all – but as a result, I’m going back to my Quick Thoughts conceit from a few years ago.

Just some random musings and stuff on some random things that caught my attention. I can update through the week so… woo.


Look, I get it, and I want it, and yes and all that. But I’m sort of wondering with new characters and all why they didn’t just… well… make another Sonic Mania game, a new one with even more experimental levels and maybe not that Sonic 3 bonus stage and no I don’t like them I’m sorry. I just don’t get why they couldn’t go, this was awesome let’s do another one with levels people like such as Casino Night and Star Light Zones (or Neo Green Hill) and plop in even more characters and references. Actually, I’m pretty sure Sonic Team has something to do with that decision and that’s why Sega needs to get rid of Sonic Team…


I’ve seen plenty of people call this “No Man’s Sea”; that’s a little rude, because Rare never explicitly said you’d have limitless places to visit or make any of the outrageous comments and promises that we got from No Man’s Sky. Is it a little shallow? I guess. Is it YouTube bait? Most certainly. But seriously… context matters. Don’t be rude to Rare. Sea of Thieves may have its issues, but it’s falling down on its own terms – not because Rare and Microsoft hyped it up as something it wasn’t…


I didn’t mind it, but something in Internet Land has gone very wrong when Nintendo calls it an Indie Showcase and thousands of people immediately whine at the end of it that Nintendo didn’t show more Super Smash Bros. for Switch. If that makes you also want to slam your head into the nearest concrete wall, it’s because it’s… dumb. It’s just so dumb.


Glad to see the haitus wasn’t too extended. The problem as I understand it, reading between the lines a little, is the scope grew to the point that this was no longer a small indie studio pumping out a faithful remake – they got it into their heads to do a full “Triple-A” Series Reboot; that costs money and takes time, and they had neither in ample supply. The change to Unreal Engine is decent enough but they also need to make sure it looks and feels like System Shock because the early slice of footage just looked like Any Generic Unreal Shooter Ever 2020.


The problem is the Switch eShop was designed perhaps with a defeatist attitude; it is perfectly fine for a small-scale device with a handful of games but the Switch is quite popular and getting tons of games announced every week at the moment. The redesign was inevitable; I mean, good for Nintendo for the success and all but it’s clear someone behind the scenes thought this was going to be another Wii U and didn’t think of the crazy notion people might want to release games on this thing…


I’m old enough to remember Sonic R. And despite being old enough to know better, those damned songs have remained lodged in my brain for what, twenty years now? The game was rubbish and I hope they fix that but it’s like Duck Tales – fine, remake it, but if you ruin The Moon music we will have to have very strong words…


Seen some footage of this and… it didn’t look terrible, actually. Which either means the porting team are gods we must worship for fixing the original code sufficiently enough to run on the Switch or… well… the ARK team have some very difficult questions to be answering in regards to their own technical capabilities.


I’ll say this knowing I’m a hypocrite because I’d totally want Link in a SC6 Switch version… but I’m a little bored of these “guest characters”. Maybe bored is the wrong term – confused, perhaps? Look, I was not nice about SoulCalibur 4. Like… not nice enough that it got me into trouble but still the problem of ramming these guests in is either it messes with your own story cannon or it just makes the rest of your roster look less interesting as a result. I mean, Smash Bros. Cool, cool… oh my god Ryu! Cloud Strife! BAYONETTA! And suddenly the majority were just maining the DLC guest characters. Geralt is an awesome idea for a fighting game… I’m just not entirely sure SoulCalibur has the best track record in regards to guest characters, particularly after a weird attempt to make Darth Vader and Yoda “canon”…


Hah. Sorry. Ahem. I mean… no, I was right the first time. Moving on.


Kinda like Christmas, it feels like it happens sooner every year. Am I just imagining that or is there any actual truth to it… hmm…


I’m not much of a Star Wars fan – my old review of SoulCalibur 4 attests to that – but for all the fans who say it would have hurt the sanctity of the franchise… think Disney is doing a good job of that on their own chaps. Plus, Alternate Timelines are for weird stuff. You’re supposed to have some fun with the “What If…” scenario of it. And don’t give me any of that rubbish about “Pink Darth Vader” – one, that was EA being monumentally dumb because it’s not like the Star Wars: Battlefront games have any canonical merit of their own, and two – why not? Have him struggle to drink coffee, play with dolls… oh wait, that was Dark Helmet never mind…



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