July 31, 2021

E3 2018: Bethesda and Devolver Shows!


Well, I think after the Bethesda show most of us needed a lie down.

Rage 2! Doom Eternal! Fallout 76 is Online! A NEW ELDER SCROLLS GAME!  I mean, okay, the show itself was cringe – I do think sometimes these people need to spend a touch on getting elocution lessons and/or an acting coach to develop some stage presence (none more than Todd Howard, I know people like him but he does tend to have some issues with words on a live stage – this coming from someone with a stammer, by the by). It’s not the worst thing ever…

But it was my introduction to Andrew WK. And I think I’m okay with saying I hope that’ll be my last encounter with the man.

It was exactly as you’d expect; Bethesda is keeping its IP warm and cosy on most platforms, with some more free to play stuff coming in the form of The Elder Scrolls: Blades, which does look good but I don’t think that’ll be kind to most mobile phone batteries, so chances are it’ll be more prominent on consoles. It even had its first new IP in… well, twenty years, in the form of Starfield, although they showed so little of that the only takeaway from it is “set in space, yo!”, which seems logical when you’ve got Hell Dimension, Fantasy RPG, Post-Apocalypse twice over and Alternate Nazi Universe. Space really is the final frontier on that.

Oh yes, that new Elder Scrolls game. It’s a next-gen consoles game, and after Microsoft’s showcase, I’m figuring they’re going to try pushing for a proper new generation next year for a 2020 launch. I… think it’s a bit early still, and I do hope they’ve worked out some of the kinks in 4K content delivery, because if not then there’s going to be a lot of complaining going on. But it will give me, in a few days, the drive to talk about the next-gen jump so yay I guess.

It was a solid show, there’s not much else to say. Sunday Night was a good day for E3, between Microsoft and Bethesda, plenty of new stuff seems to be arriving this year.

… oh and Devolver Digital did their show.

Look, it’s a JOKE. Devolver Digital is making fun of traditional E3 conferences – and Nina Struthers (played to perfection once again by Mahria Zook – she’s awesome so give her work, TV/Movie industry!) is the perfect frontswoman; absolute, dripping contempt for the show and the audience and the content being shown. And it’s played so well. And yes, of course, it was violent and gory and slapstick and I can’t believe LootBoxCoin is an actual thing – gotta admit, Devolver is 100% committed to the jokes – oh, and the Robocop skit at the very end was a complete gem. #checkalook

Yes, there were a few games sprinkled in there. SCUM, a sort of high-security prison survival game (think DayZ meets The Running Man), looks great. It’s a fun little spin on the formula and it should be out in Early Access later this year – because again, Devolver is committed to the jokes. Then came My Friend Pedro, a sort of slo-mo 2D platforming acrobatic shooter. You have to admire the outright impossibility in some of Devolver’s published games to nail down any sort of singular genre, they defy description but this one certainly looks zany and wacky and funny enough to stand out.

Oh, and they’re remastering a FROM Software game, Metal Wolf Chaos XD. Welcome to the big leagues, Devolver, because that’s one hell of a coup! Okay, the game was never great per se, but it’s a cult favourite from 2004 and it has a very, very noisy little fanbase. Also, “Mech America Great Again” is the best tagline I think they could have come up with for this. Bra-freaking-vo, Devolver. Whoever is coming up with this stuff isn’t being paid enough.

Overall, Devolver’s show was much as last year; an anarchic, slapstick kick in the nuts to E3 Tradition. It’s a shame we have to wait a YEAR for more of the “Nina Mother&£$%ing Struthers” storyline, but oh who am I kidding I’m going to be counting down the freakin’ DAYS!

So yeah. Sunday was a damn fine day for E3. Seriously EA, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?


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