July 27, 2021

On Haitus – State Of Things July 2018.


For a month or two, this blog is officially on haitus.

There are numerous reasons for this but I think the primary one that is quite important is – finding somewhere new to live. I am feeling somewhat trapped in my current flat, which has absolutely no wheelchair access at all, and after much wrangling and visits from the local authorities – I’m not going to get any access installed either. It’s just not possible where I am, and the design of where I live, and so the urgency in finding somewhere new to live has become all too real and I really need to focus all my attention right now on at least finding somewhere that I feel safe, happy and comfortable in my day-to-day routines, instead of relying on sticks/crutches and falling about the place and having to pull myself up to chairs or anything that might get me leverage to get up.

It also means I’m spreading my gaze further afield; which means travelling a few days a week looking at places, and at least once a month or so going to people I know even further afield and checking out things in those regions. I can’t afford to keep my gaze on Cornwall any more; as much as I love this green and pleasant part of the United Kingdom, it’s just not entirely conducive to my life anymore. That’s more time I’m not at home playing video games or keeping up with the news, which is kind of a bad thing when that’s the whole premise of the blog.

But of course I have other reasons – spending more time with family and new family at that, focusing on my own state of mind and well being and other similarly crazy things. Also, the weather has been freakin’ GLORIOUS in the UK the last couple of weeks and I’m quite eager to try and get out of this stuffy flat and to places where I might be in danger of enjoying the sunshine a little. As mad as it sounds, I’d like for once to get a little sunburn. Not bright orange, but you know, at least a little painful searing. That’s the Souls player in me talking I guess.

I just haven’t had the urge to write the last couple of weeks either – not that I haven’t tried, but there’s just nothing in me and it’s not coming nearly as naturally or as quickly as it usually does. I think I’m a little burnt out for the moment. It’s important to recharge from time to time. So yeah, this blog will be on haitus for I’d assume the rest of the Summer (i.e. Should be back in September).

Whoever you are and however you found this crummy little place, I wish you a fantastic summer of games and sunshine and fun and frolics. Stay safe, stay sane and seriously, don’t preorder – especially from EA and ActiVision. How many times do these companies have to stuff us all over before we get the message that they only want our money and don’t care if they put out a half-baked, half-arsed product or not?

I’ll see you again when the weather cools off in the Fall.



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