July 27, 2021

State Of Play: December 13th 2018.


So, time for my somewhat-occasional “What’s Going On In My Life” Blog Posts.

Things have been… rougher this year than most. But I’m looking forward to 2019 and I can, for the first time in a fairly long while, see a silver lining on the horizon. At least, I think it’s a silver lining. Depth perception issues can be a right pain.

The first thing is this; if you didn’t know, to cap off my broken disabled backside, I’ve got Bipolar Disorder (diagnosed many, many years ago) and I’m now also officially diagnosed – as in, this year – as on the Autism Spectrum.

Grats to me… I guess.

This has meant a change in medication – I was for a while on Mirtazapine and Lithium as a combination but under a new psychiatrist, because I’ve been waiting for a new one for years (hooray to the NHS!), I am being pushed over to Venlafaxine and Quetiapine. Hopefully this will keep my brain a little more stable going forward and I don’t have to worry about too many icky side effects.

Though the first suggestion after lithium was Aripiprazole, which has a side effect called “Sudden Unexplainable Death Syndrome”. Call me weird all you like, but… I think a random chance of dying is a high price to pay for a more level head.

Also, if you know it’s the tablets that cause this, is it really ‘unexplainable’?

The second issue is the home situation, which hasn’t been entirely resolved yet.

A few issues cropped up but, thankfully, things are moving and thanks to my current property having no wheelchair access – and ultimately there being no room to give me wheelchair access – I’m able to get a higher preference on a suitable local authorities property. If and when one magically becomes available. There’s still a fairly major housing shortage here, and we’re still fairly bad in the UK about the whole wheelchair access thing, despite there being a clear need for more of it.

That’s… not exactly great news, because at the end of the day I’m still going to be waiting around for something to become available. But it’s better than hundred-mile round trips to see places that when I get to them, I can’t even see inside of them. Because again, people seem to forget what constitutes as “wheelchair accessible”. As depressing as that sounds, and I know some might see this as a grievance against modern society, part of me is… somewhat thankful that this isn’t a concern to them. Their lives are just peachy. And that’s actually awesome. Good for them.

I say. Through very slightly clenched teeth. Only very slightly though.

I’m… happy for you… no really…

But on the whole, I’m calming down a little of late. So that’s awesome.

Anyway, other topics.

1. My “Games of 2018” lists are already underway.
I’ve started compiling the shortlists and I’ve got to be honest, I’ve discarded a lot of potential entries for my worst list mostly because “decidedly mediocre” just isn’t cutting it for me anymore. I need to feel something more than dejected apathy. So I might – might – have to bring back my Most Mediocre Games Of The Year list. At least for one year. Because there was a lot of mediocrity this year.

2. WordPress Updates and Possible New Layout?
WordPress was updated to 5.0 recently and it’s got a new editor suite and that’s… awesome… but this theme isn’t exactly ripe for that. So I’m considering something new, that being said – considering my potential moving situation and the enormity of those costs, since I will be moving a considerable distance this time (I’ve still got my eye on Newquay!), that might have to wait until -after- all of that happens. I know a new theme is inexpensive but I also want to prune and reset the database a little, just keeping more prescient posts. That’s going to take time I just currently don’t have.

3. Games I’ve Been Enjoying That Don’t Count To The Lists.
I’ve been catching up with several missed games the last few months. Dragon Quest Builders is surprisingly solid, which is good because jeez was this not a good year for Square-Enix. Roll on that sequel! Salt & Sanctuary is on the Switch and it has demolished a lot of my car journeys, so I’m thankful for that. And also that it did better on the Switch. Good job, people! Detention is a great little horror-adventure that I sadly missed in 2017, and I’m so sorry for that as it really is a gem. And of course, Hellgate: London. Of course that’s not going to count, and I still wouldn’t recommend it as of yet, but I’m strange and I like it.

4. Will I Talk About Dark Souls on Switch?
No. I mean, it’s not terrible and all but Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin is just… the better game. Technically, narratively, thematically… Dark Souls Remastered is a reminder of where it began (actually that would be Demon’s Souls, picky me) but… we’ve moved on. Think it’s time Dark Souls did as well.

5. And finally, just a note to those “ad people”…
I’m glad more people are landing on this blog again of late. I know, I feel Imposter Syndrome sometimes but eh, that’s a thing we all deal with. I’m a disabled gamer talking about things he wants to talk about. But to those who want links or to drop articles or whatever… no. Just don’t even bother. Please. My blog, my thoughts. I have no interest in linking to stores or posting “sponsored content”. I don’t want to “share” my posts right now (I got burned a few times with that). And I certainly don’t want to spend any more of my energy writing responses that always seem to end up rather passive-aggressive even though I don’t mean them to be. Save myself and yourselves the trouble. Don’t even start.

… think that’s about it for now.

As ever, thanks for putting up with this stupid little blog from a manic-depressive half-blind disabled gamer. Hopefully we can get through to 2019 without another major scandal in the games industry.

No EA, really, we insist… take an extended holiday. PLEASE don’t do anything rash in the next couple of weeks…


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