June 29, 2022

Those Resi Ports On The Switch…

So, Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil Zero alongside Resident Evil 4 have all been released on the Nintendo Switch after what feels like an agonising wait.

To be fair, the last few weeks between games that vary from really nice to needs-more-work, it’s nice to see that the current crop of drip-fed Resident Evil ports actually work as intended and don’t come replete with enough bugs to qualify as a Biblical Plague. Capcom -is- getting better at this whole porting lark, where once it half-arsed in such a way that it made Days Gone’s protagonist look positively self-assured.

But £30 per game? REALLY?!

I alluded to this a while ago but – what does doubling the price for the Switch actually accomplish? These games released on the PS4 and XBox One at £14.99, so you could justify blowing the usual cost of a retail game on three competently-done ports of classic retro games. With the Switch versions, they’re ONLY digital. There’s no justifiable production reason why any of these games are twice the cost, other than Capcom seemingly thinking that people will spend that money on the Switch.

Which they won’t. Back on the Wii U, they might have gotten away with that kind of B.S. through the lack of actual releases on the platform. Thing is, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a problem with actual games being released now – hell, Mortal Kombat 11, for all its obvious flaws on the Switch build, released day and date with its rival platform versions, and was promptly rewarded by being last months best-selling game on the platform.

But Kami, Resident Evil 4 pointer controls are so good, that is WORTH the extra cost.” Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you disembodied voice in my head, but Resident Evil 4 Switch Edition… does NOT come with the JoyCon Aiming of the Revelations games.

Yeah. THAT face. That’ll work. I found a use for Andromeda…

I’m serious. Whatever you think of the Revelations ports – they were both cheaper at £20 a piece on launch, with all the DLC content, AND they came with pointer controls which made Raid Mode on Rev2 even more fun than usual. It was clear some effort was made with those versions.

But nope, the one identifying feature that everyone wanted – hell, expected – from the Switch version of Resi 4 isn’t there.

Seriously Capcom, show me on the dolly where Miyamoto touched you.

Is this a problem? Well, it wouldn’t be if Capcom wasn’t asking for twice the price of other platform versions for the same product. Instead it’s a typical, traditional Resident Evil 4 when we all have come to the general concensus that Resi 4: Wii Edition was superior and superb BECAUSE of the Pointer Controls.

And don’t give me the “It’s so hard.” Rev-2 didn’t have pointer controls AT ALL originally (Rev1 did have Gyro-Aiming in the 3DS version), and they pulled that off.

Seriously, I still love Revelations.

So again – what the hell happened here?

Sure, it’s nice to see competent ports but I wouldn’t buy any of these games at their current price on the store. There are tons of good to great games on the Switch, many of which substantially cheaper, and they’re all being made by earnest people trying hard to do something to make a name for themselves.

Capcom already made a name for themselves; this is yet another bunch of ports of games which have been ported multiple times over the years. Perhaps that’s WHY the ports are so good; the rebuilt assets and code are much more scaleable and portable which suggests that the actual work has already been done long before now.

Personally? I put it down to laziness. Capcom doing the bare minimum, particularly as we’re all still buzzing over Resident Evil 2 Remake. And I get it. I do think they need a break after that, time to let their hair down a bit, but come on. This feels cheap in a way few games on the Switch do; a long-delayed bunch of ports coming as we’re all busy looking at a much better line-up for the coming year.

I am of course quite annoyed… but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t buy the Switch versions if they were £15 each. Hell, I WOULD pay £30 for the Switch version of Resident Evil 4 if it had pointer controls. Unlike Resi2 Remake, Resi 4 is an action game at its heart. The more fluid, responsive controls make for a better gameplay experience. Of course I’d pay a premium for what should be the superior version.

Instead, I’m just sighing. I’ve been playing My Time At Portia and trust me, that game is buggier than a Trump official’s office – but I feel warmth there. Heart. Passion. People trying to deliver something, trying to give us a video game we’d want to play, struggling under the demands of having to not only fix different bugs on different platforms but also to continue adding promised content, realising there are only so many hours in the day.

I see the current crop of Resident Evil ports on the Switch and… I just see cynicism. People’ll buy them, Capcom tells themselves. Why put in the extra effort?

Because this is working out so well for EA. Seriously Capcom. You’re better than that.

Don’t be EA.

Quick Update: In the coming weeks… I WILL BE MOVING! HOORAY!

I will be doing E3 Stuff. I won’t miss E3. That’d be dumb. But right now, I’m trying to get the heck out of dodge and into a new place with actual wheelchair access where I can actually go outside and enjoy some sunshine when I feel like it.

See you at E3.

… seriously Capcom. Don’t be EA.


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