September 24, 2021

So… Uhm… It’s Been A While…

Well… it’s been several weeks since I last posted anything.

I’ve been incredibly busy. First, I’ve been busy searching for a new Support Service because of my disabilities, and because how terrible the funding for disability services in the UK is right now I’ve been having to spend a lot of this time hunting around for the kind of support that I need, which is generally getting back outside into the big wide world and having what some might construe to be “A Life”.

This isn’t entirely fixed yet; I found a middle-man organisation and we’ll have to see how this goes, but I’m hopeful that this is one thing that will be sorted by the time this year is done and dusted. It’s kind of sad that it takes so long to get anything done here in the UK right now – enough to make you sort of depressed.

Also seeing people forget how awful this movie looked before the Sonic CG Revamp.

Aside from that rather massive endeavor on my part, I’ve been playing video games. So let me knock out a bit of the new stuff I’ve been playing;

Nioh 2 Beta – I love Nioh, and the sequel/prequel is everything I hoped it would be. The gameplay is simply tuned, rather than changed, and there is a massive talents tree and a bunch more mechanics to customise your gameplay experience. Sure, what we got to enjoy was fairly limited – but it was enough to suggest that for everyone who loved Nioh, Nioh 2 is going to be that but even better.

Code: Vein – I know people call this “Anime Souls” and… yeah, there’s a certain truth to that (though it leans more into Bloodborne than Dark Souls), but it reminds me a lot more of PS2-Era action games with a little Soulsborne ARPG on top. The maps are fairly rigid and starchy and small on the whole, but it has a killer character creator and the boss fights are pretty spectacular. This is going to hinge on the DLC and future additions to see just how brightly it can shine, but hopefully all will be good enough to get a tentative “It’s pretty good” recommendation from me.

Pokémon Sword/Shield – I see a lot of people slamming this game and… I agree, the game does feel unfinished in terms of the amount of content within the game. I can say that I think a lot of the effort went into the engine and the graphics – it is a very pretty game – and it’s a shame there isn’t more to DO within the confines of the Galar region. It’s not that GameFreak can’t do it – X/Y, ORAS and Sun/Moon prove there is talent there capable of this stuff within the studio, but that the priorities may have been a little more visually inclined, and Pokémon fans simply expect better than “It’s Just Pretty”.

The Legend of Bum-bo – the prequel to The Binding of Isaac, this is a pretty nifty little puzzle game. I’m not super-deep into it just yet, but the art style is wonderful and the puzzling aspect is fiendishly challenging, so if you like dark storytelling and solid puzzle action, you could do a hell of a lot worse than Bum-bo.

I can see where 95% of the budget went…

Oh, and I’ve also been playing some old Worst Game contenders for the end-of-decade roundup.

This, to be fair, is probably what took the wind out of my sails in terms of wanting to write because a lot of it I’ve simply stopped hating. I can’t reach into the depths of my soul and find an ounce of giving a toss about some of it, which is both driving me a little crazy (because what else do I do for the Worst of the Decade list?) and just making me a little tired. That could also be the lack of being able to go to the gym of late because of said lack of support (I’m usually most inspired to write after a workout).

I’ve got a “Looking Back @” coming in the next few days, and I’ll do more of an in-depth Pokémon thing when I’ve gotten around to the breeding aspect which is usually more my thing.

And I’ll keep plugging away but man, I really, REALLY need some time outside this flat right now.


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