June 29, 2022

Quick Update; Kidney Problems, Games.

So, unscheduled away time happened.

A couple weeks ago, I ended up in hospital after weeks of stubborn infections not clearing, a suspiciously empty bladder considering everything and as a result of that terrible dehydration. Some blood tests have confirmed that the issue is… kidney failure.

Now, failure and failed are NOT the same thing, it turns out. My kidney is fail-ING. It’s not totally broken just yet, but it’s clearly no longer committed to doing the biological job that it’s meant to be doing. This means, in my case, regular blood tests to monitor the progression and possible medication to try and keep things from going south too quickly. For now, at least, we’re hoping to stabilise the progression of the disease/failure and if things are moving too quickly, I suppose then we’ll be talking dialysis and possible transplantation down the road.

In short – things aren’t going so hot here.

On the upside, I got to play some more games so here’s a quick rundown so I don’t have to write anything about them in the coming weeks.

THE LAST OF US: PART 2 – Ever get the feeling you’re caught between two warring factions that both make points you agree with? I like The Last of Us 2 in theory – the gameplay is solid, the visuals are lovely and it’s all well constructed for the most part. The story is, however, a massive step down from the original and… call me crazy, but is this really the best time for Sony to be pushing a miserable, dour revenge story onto the public? I think that’s what bothers me the most. The timing of this just feels… wrong. I get Sony and Naughty Dog might have had their hand forced by leaks… but I can’t help but ponder if people might have been more warm in the gamer scene if we weren’t all isolated and depressed and frustrated. Just a hunch. Call me weird if you have to.

SUMMER IN MARA – This is the sort of game I’d have thought would have been more in line with people wanting something calming, positive and charming. It’s just a shame the game is, as I was playing it on the Switch (because of course), completely b0rked. Missing story cutscenes, checkpointing and other critical gameplay elements – what is there is lovely and laid-back and should make for a great video game. Let’s hope that patch fixes things.

ISLE OF ARMOR: POKÉMON SWORD/SHIELD – Not really enough content for my liking, but I do see positive steps in the right direction here. The open layout of the Isle of Armo(u)r is more or less what I had hoped the whole game would have been from the outset – complicated, winding, with plenty of things tucked away to find. And what story is there is nice enough. There is a lot of grinding though, and far too much randomisation (the Armorite Digger Lady is the LITERAL WORST), but it does enough right that I have some hope for The Crown Tundra.

Anyway, I’ll write about the proposed price increases for games in the next few days, but as I write this I am quite tired so… time to sleep.



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